The G16CM34 is a natural gas, spark ignited, V-style, turbocharged and aftercooled engine that provides: low emissions, high efficiency, high reliability, high flexibility, constant torque and variable speed. The engine achieves high efficiency and low emissions by utilizing solenoid operated gas admission valves, enriched prechamber design, and Cat® ADEM A3 control technology.

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Engine Specifications
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Minimum Rating 8180.0 HP 6100.0 ekW
Maximum Rating 8180.0 HP 6100.0 ekW
Emissions U.S. EPA SI NSPS Site Compliant Capable U.S. EPA SI NSPS Site Compliant Capable

Engine Design

- Tough and durable, built on industry standard G3300 platform - Caterpillar supplied air/fuel ratio control and threeway catalyst designed specifically for this engine to provide superior emissions control with NSPS and NonAttainment zone compliance- 0.5 g and 1 g NOx settings available - Integrated operator interface panel, TWC and AFRC reduces hands-on time with the engine - Operator interface panel allows setup and servicing without a laptop- Runs on a broad range of fuels and speeds at any emissions level- Factory installed components with single connection point eases packaging

Full Range of Attachments

Large variety of factory-installed engine attachments reduces packaging time


More than 2,200 dealer outletsCat factory-trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your petroleum engineCaterpillar parts and labor warranty. Preventive maintenance agreements available for repairbefore-failure optionsS•O•SSM program matches your oil and coolant samples against Catepillar set standards to determine:- Internal engine component condition- Presence of unwanted fluids- Presence of combustion by-products- Site-specific oil change interval


Over 60 years of natural gas engine productionOwnership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.- Cast engine blocks, heads, cylinder liners, and flywheel housings- Machine critical components- Assemble complete engine

G16CM34 Gas Engine Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Turbocharger Inlet Adapter - provides a flexible connection between engine mounted turbocharger inlet and customer inlet air piping
  • Air Filter Units - Two air filter housings for remote installation, one per turbocharger, are designed for normal environmental conditions. Each filter housing contains six (6) dry filter elements. A single filter housing with twelve (12) filter elements is offered as optional
  • Air Intake Silencer – an in-line tubular air silencers designed for 30 dB(A) noise reduction

G16CM34 Gas Engine Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Inlet air Pre-heater – required for inlet air temperature below -20°C (-4°F)