New Very Good Good Fair Poor
  • General Appearance

    • Extra Fuel Tanks No
    • S.o.s. Taken Yes
    • Cleaning Required Yes
    • Steps / Ladder Poor
    • Paint Fair
    • Bumper Good
    • Hood Fair
    • Sheet Metal Fair
    • Counterweight Good
    • Radiator Grill & Shroud Good
    • Grab Irons Poor
    • Catwalk Poor
    • Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Good
    • Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Fair
    • Main Frame Welds Fair
    • Fuel Tank Good
    • Car Body Fair
    • Engine Doors Fair
  • Safety Items

    • Safety Decals Legible Yes
    • Rops No
    • Safety Decals In Place Yes
    • Cab Guards No
    • Horn Very Good
    • Swing Brake Fair
  • Gauges, Operator Station, Console

    • Rops Certification Plate No
    • Current Safety Manual No
    • Current Parts Manual No
    • Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Fair
    • Meter Good
    • Seat Belt Fair
    • Switches Good
    • Dash Console Good
    • Gauges Good
    • Door Latches Good
    • Glass/mirrors Fair
    • Air Conditioner Fair
    • Ems Panel / Warnings Good
    • Heater Good
    • Floor Boards Fair
  • Engine

    • Epa Decal Yes
    • Fluid Levels Ok? Yes
    • Knocking No
    • Compression In Radiator No
    • Blow By No
    • Water In Oil No
    • Oil Leaks Yes
    • Belts / Pulleys Good
    • Fuel Injection System Good
    • Turbocharger / Blower Good
    • Air Cleaners Poor
    • Exhaust / Muffler Good
    • Operating Condition Fair
    • Governor Very Good
    • Engine Supports Good
  • Cooling System

    • Leaks No
    • Coolers Fair
    • Fan Drive Good
    • Radiator Fair
    • Fan Good
    • Water Pump Good
    • Hoses Fair
  • Electrical, Starting And Charging System

    • Block Heater No
    • Ether Aid No
    • Wiring Good
    • Pre-heater Good
    • Alternator Good
    • Batteries / Cables Good
    • Starter Good
  • Hydraulics

    • Tank Good
    • Boom Cylinder Poor
    • Bucket Cylinder Poor
    • Travel Motors Fair
    • Swing Motors Good
    • Hydraulic Swivel Fair
    • Stick Cylinder Fair
    • Control Linkage Fair
    • Swing Gear Poor
    • Hose Lines Fair
    • Pumps & Valves Fair
    • Pump Drive Fair
    • Operating Condition Poor
  • Boom

    • Pins & Bushings Fair
    • Boom Condition Good
    • Boom Pins Fair
  • Stick

    • Pins & Bushings Poor
    • Stick Pins Poor
    • Stick Conditions Poor
  • Bucket

    • Quick Coupler Yes
    • Bucket Bottom Poor
    • Bucket Mounts Fair
    • Bucket Sides Fair
    • Bucket Linkage Poor
    • Teeth / Adapters Poor
  • Undercarriage

    • Pins & Bushings Turned? No
    • Track Frame - Left Fair
    • Track Frame - Right Fair
  • Final Drives

    • Planetaries / Diff Fair
    • Housings Good
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