374F / 390F L.H.E.X.

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Course Length



Course Length: 4 days (8 hrs/day)
This four-day Instructor Led course is designed to prepare participants to quickly and accurately diagnose problems, to test and properly adjust components in all major machine systems, and to demonstrate knowledge of the methods and strategies used in all of the major systems of the 374F and 390F.


CLC/SIS/ET, S1 Hydraulics, S2 Engine Systems, S3 Powertrain, S4 Electrical Systems, MEC. Tier 4 Interim & Final prior learning would also be an advantage.


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Locate, identify, and explain the function and operation of the components in all of the machine systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of all controls, switches, and buttons in the F-Series cab (operator’s station).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the machines’ pilot hydraulic systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the electro-hydraulic Adaptive Control System (ACS) main hydraulic control valve operation, the Independent Metering Valve (IMV) technology used in the valve, and the electronic strategies used for controlling the boom, stick, and bucket hydraulic circuits.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the main hydraulic pumps and the Negative Flow Control (NFC) pump control strategy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the swing and travel hydraulic systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the cooling fan hydraulic system and system strategies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of other machine components and the strategies used for all other machine systems.
  • Use the F-Series HEX monitor and/or Cat Electronic Technician to perform diagnostic procedures and perform test and adjust procedures for machine systems.