Applied Failure Analysis - Level 3

Course Date

Mar 27 - Mar 31

Course Length

5 days


Course Length: 5 days (8 hrs/day)
Applied Failure Analysis Level Three begins with a review of the basic principles of Applied Failure Analysis Level One. The failure analysis process itself will be applied to gears, anti-friction bearings, threaded fasteners, and hydraulic pumps and motors. Using this process, you will arrive at the most probable root cause of failure of a selection of components relevant to this course. The course consists of classroom instruction and laboratory exercises concluding with case studies of failures that have occurred in the field.

PPE Required

Students are “REQUIRED” to bring with them their own PPE as there are assignments that require them to go into the shop and or yard.


The course prerequisite for Applied Failure Analysis Level Three is the certification of Applied Failure Analysis Level One or Level Two.


Course Objectives: After completion of the course the participant will have covered:

  • Communication (includes digital photography, graphic editing and document editing)

  • Wear and Fracture Analysis Review

  • Failure Analysis of Lubrication

  • Failure Analysis of Welded Fabrications

  • Failure Analysis of Shafts

  • Failure Analysis Report and Documentation Review of Applied Failure Analysis Management

  • Advanced Case Studies

This course requires a successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80% and the presentation of a report of the case study that you have evaluated.