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Course Length: 2 days (8 hrs/day)
Cat® Fleet onboard uses a combination of hardware and software to provide office dispatchers with locations of machines as well as data. Also, truck operators are provided with assignment destinations. The hardware is required to transmit, receive, and process data to the office. As software runs on the onboard, this software is required to communicate with the office.

Fleet is a suite of software and hardware components that make up an advanced mining information system. In order to manage production from the mine office, Fleet uses a wireless communication system and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with office software. Each machine equipped with the system consists of the following components:
- Satellite receiver group (GNSS)
- Antenna (GNSS)
- Monitor display group
- Electronic Control Module (ECM) that is installed with the health interface module software
- Broadband radio system


The attending personal will need a laptop, as all the classroom media is all electronic – no printed material is supplied. The service technician’s laptop should be up to date and running a minimum of CAT ET 2020A or better. Make sure you have a power supply for your laptop with you.


The training class consists of 2 x 8 hour days in the classroom with an operational “Fleet” kit. Throughtout the course service personnel will learn the following:

  • The logic and system operation of M* Fleet on-board and how it integrates with M* Office application.

  • Preparation and the different “Fleet” kits available for different applications / mobile equipment.

  • Where to find the correct media & information for M* Fleet on-board systems.

  • Understanding the communication protocol between the on-board hardware and site communications.

  • Simulation of doing an installation, power up, configuration and live testing of an M* Fleet kit in the classroom.

  • Troubleshooting and corrections to the Fleet On-Board System, as well as being introduced to a 3RD party FTP program called “FileZilla” & its operation.