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Air Filtration Cleaning Facility

Our air filtration shop follows this five-step process while cleaning air filters:

Pick up/Branch To Branch Shipments:

  • You collect your dirty air filters and give them to our product support consultant or drop them off at any Saskatchewan branch location. The dirty filters are shipped to the air filtration shop.


  • Filters are visually inspected for major cuts or damage. All filters that pass the first visual inspection are then placed in a drying oven to bake at 120°F (44°C) to remove any moisture. This ensures full release of dirt and contaminants in the cleaning process.


  • Each dried filter is then cleaned by a patented process at the air filtration shop. The cleaning method combines rapid spinning with injected air and vacuum to clean the filter paper of all restricting particles.


  • The filters are rotated around a 750-watt lamp in a dark room to inspect for paper separation, pin holes or small tears. Having been cleaned and examined for flaws, the filters are restriction-tested to assure proper airflow through the filter.


  • Fully cleaned and inspected, the air filtration service decal is marked to record the number of times the filter has been cleaned. The filter is then bagged in heavy plastic or boxed and identified with the your name and filter number to assure clean, accurate delivery.

If a filter is rejected at any point during the cleaning process, we carry a complete line of genuine Cat® or Baldwin replacement filters. We will contact you to advise of the problem and offer to supply you with a new filter to minimize downtime.

The patented dry-process cleaning system can safely and effectively clean a filter 8 – 10 times as opposed to the standard method of washing which allows a filter to be cleaned only 2 -3 times before damage occurs. The air filtration shop cleaned filters often filter air better than a brand new filter, saving you money and wear and tear on your machines.

Our air filtration shop is also proud to offer a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning system. As an integral part of the emissions control system, the DPF becomes full over a period of use and the soot and ash must be cleaned out. We can help with this process and get you back on track! 





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