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Using the right undercarriage is critical in getting top performance from your track-type tractor. This Application Guide is designed to help you properly match your Cat medium size track-type tractor undercarrige configuration, track system, and track shoes to your specific job conditions.

Cat offers a wide range of undercarriage configurations, track systems, and track shoes to ensure that you get the most out of your Cat medium size track-type tractor. Choose from:

  • five undercarriage configurations that deliver optimum performance in the proper application.
  • four track systems that fit your specific abrasion and impact levels.
  • six track shoe types that tailor your machine for work in all underfoot conditions.


Configurations Application Side View Model Availability
Standard Narrow gauge
Firm underfoot conditions
General dozing and grading
Undercarriage Side View D4H
(Extended to Rear)
Narrow gauge
Drawbar-pulling scapers, disks, cable plows, etc.
Winching, ripping and general dozing and grading
Undercarriage Side View --
(Extra Long)
Narrow or intermediate gauge
Best configuration for a variety of applications
Firm to soft underfoot conditions
General dozing, superior finish grading, and side sloping
Undercarriage Side View D4H/D5M
(Low Ground Pressure)
Wide gauge
Best finish grading in free flowing material and soft underfoot conditions
General dozing
Undercarriage Side View D4H/D5M
(Track Skidder)
Narrow gauge
Drawbar-log skidding
Undercarriage Side View D4H/517 Skidder
D5H/527 Skidder



Sealed track was developed to help reduce undercarriage wear and to lengthen component life by eliminating abrasives between pins and bushings. This design was a major step toward developing Sealed and Lubricated Track.

  • works best with machines where travel is not priority.
  • low cost alternative to Sealed and Lubricated Track.


Sealed and Lubricated Track, a proven design and an industry standard, is a universal track option.

  • works best in low to moderate abrasion areas and low to moderate impact conditions.
  • is ideal for a wide range of underfoot conditions.


Positive Pin Retention Track features an exclusive Cat design that resists link end play, increases sealability, and maximizes track life. Works best in high impact and high load applications.


Rotating Bushing Track is a sealed and lubricated track that allows the bushings to rotate as they are driven by the sprocket, reducing bushing wear. This design eliminates bushing turn maintenance expense and sprocket replacement costs.

  • works best in moderate to high abrasion areas and low to moderate impact conditions - where system wear life with Sealed and Lubricated Track is 4,000 hours or less.
  • is ideal for work in sandy, abrasive materials.


Heavy Duty Sealed and Lubricated Track is specifically designed to increase pin and bushing retention, incorporating greater pin-to-link and bushing-to-link contact areas. Additional link wear material increases system wear life.

  • works best in moderate to high impact conditions.
  • is ideal for logging/reforestation, side-sloping work, rocky conditions, and any uneven terrain.


Quad- and Tri-link Track dramatically improve undercarriage strength with additional outrigger chains (1/2 chains - two for Quad and one for Tri) bolted near the end of each track shoe. These durable designs distribute peak loads more evenly, reduce dry joints, and improve reliability. The result is longer track life and reduced costs.

  • work best in the most severe high impact conditions.
  • are ideal for logging (skidding), stumping, work in rocky terrains, or any application where shoe deflection is high.


Caterpillar Extended Life Undercarriage components help you get the most out of the two biggest investments you make in your track-type machines: undercarriage maintenance and replacement.

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