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Emergency Support

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Finning Power Rental provides 24-7 emergency customer support for temporary power needs.

If your power goes out any time of day, call 1-855-999-6751.

An on-call expert will answer your call, help you determine your equipment requirements and provide immediate support.

Contingency Planning

Don't wait for an emergency — plan today.

It’s critical to plan for emergencies. A power interruption can put your operations on hold. Whether you’re facing a blackout, a brownout, or a planned or emergency shutdown, being without power could cause a significant loss to your business.

One call to Finning Power Rental starts your planning process. A contingency plan can protect your business. Our knowledgeable team will recommend a system to support your most critical operating systems. We will give you the expert advice you need to ensure your organization responds in an organized, disciplined way during an outage.

The time to prepare is now. Contact us today to get started.


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