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We have the cables and cable ramps you need for your project. We can support your power and industrial applications with the right brands and equipment to get the job done. Not sure what kind of cables you need? Get in touch with a Finning representative today. 


4.0 Single Conductor cable

  • 50' 400A MAX Series 16 
  • 25' 400A MAX Series 16 
  • 10' 400A MAX Series 16
  • 5' male tail 400A MAX Series 16

Multi conductor Cable

  • 4 Conductor Cables 
  • 5 Conductor Cables 

Extension cords

  • 60 Amp 50 ft. extension cords
  • 100 Amp 50 ft. extension cords
  • 50 Amp extension cords
  • 30 Amp extension cords
  • 20 Amp extension cords
  • 15 Amp Extension cords

Cable Matts

  • 3 - Channel
  • 5 - Channel

Cord Ends

  • Arc-titer plugs
  • T.L cord ends 



Our power distribution cables are available in a variety of lengths to meet your project specific requirements.

Applications for our rental electrical cables include:

  • Used with industrial equipment including portable generators, chillers and air conditioning units
  • Power extensions
  • Mining and oil drilling applications

Electrical Cable Features:

  • Extra flexible class K base annealed copper stranding
  • -45°C to 105°C, 200 volt rating, flame retardant
  • Resistant to oil, water, acid, gas, ozone, cuts, tears and abrasion 


Our single piece cable protector designed for heavy duty applications. It is built to withstand constant, high speed, heavy traffic from trucks and other vehicles. Our cable ramps protect many types of cables, up to 1.25” diameter. Combine units with interlocking design.


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