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We supply packaged air conditioning (AC) units for applications that require less than 80 tons. We can combine our air handling systems with chillers to achieve unlimited cool air production.

Our rental AC units will: cool hot spots in manufacturing, cool transformers, cool air for confined spaces, provide large motor cooling, provide temporary structure or event cooling and provide optional heating.

AC Unit Features:

  • Multiple air supply-and-return connections for on-the-job flexibility
  • A variable frequency drive to adjust airflow to suit the application (small units have an adjustable inlet guide vane)
  • Easy-to-operate control panels with industrial reliability
  • Washable filter racks (save labour and replacement filter costs)
  • Double-wall construction with insulation on air handling units reduces noise (ensures employee or guest comfort, and compliance with noise ordinances and regulations)
  • Optional heating elements for precise temperature control in heating and cooling applications

Technical Information

Stealth 12 12 TON 480V 64" x 44" x 67.5"
Stealth 30 30 TON 480V/600V 96" x 66" x 102"
Stealth 80 80 TON 460V 182" x 96" x 109"

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