Machine Security Systems

Machine Security Systems

Why bother to track your equipment AFTER it has been stolen! Protect it from being stolen in the first place by installing the Cat® Machine Security System (MSS). You can protect your Cat® and other brands of equipment against theft with MSS. This Caterpillar designed system guards against theft by disabling the starting system when a potential thief is attempting to steal it using the standard Caterpillar key. Only an MSS key with your unique code will allow the machine to start. And, because MSS is integrated into the electronics, thieves cannot bypass it to start your equipment.

Customer Benefits:

  • Protects from theft
  • Control who can start your equipment
  • Control which days and hours equipment may be started
  • Easily installed on Cat and other brands of equipment
  • Caterpillar designed and machine integrated
  • Potential insurance savings due to increased machine security

How the System Works

The MSS electronic control module checks the key being inserted against your pre-approved list of authorized keys. If the key is on the list, the machine will start.

MSS is a sophisticated system designed and integrated into the electronics of the machine, making it virtually impossible to defeat. It is a much superior system in comparison to simpler add-on theft deterrent devices.

Controlling Machine Access

Machine Security System's programmable features can be tailored to your needs.

  • Limit operators to selected machines
  • Control which hours and days equipment may be started(Guard against unauthorized "weekend use" of equipment).
  • Control access by untrained operators or unauthorized personnel, reducing injury risk
  • Programmable for active and inactive periods, such as disarming the system during regular work hours when a standard key can be used, and then reverting to a MSS key after hours
  • MSS can be programmed so a key will expire on a certain date and no longer start the machine

The Key to Theft Deterrence

  • Your equipment can only be started using the MSS key with its' unique identification number
  • MSS keys are either yellow or gray in color (the standard key is black)
  • One MSS key can be programmed to operate any machine in your fleet
  • A machine can be programmed to accept up to 255 unique MSS keys

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