Cat Grade Control 3D

Cat® GRADE Control 3D helps operators achieve better quality results faster and easier. Every situation is unique, but studies show Cat GRADE technologies can improve productivity by up to 50% —and pay for themselves in about 6 months.

Cat GRADE Control 3D provides real-time blade tip position and elevation guidance helping operators to:

  • Work more productivity
  • Hit target grade faster
  • Gain greater accuracy in fewer passes
  • Less material needed to go back in the ground – No over ordering of aggregate, sand, tarmac etc

This maximises the earthmoving process from bulk earthworks all the way to finish grade and reduces site costs through the reduced requirement for onsite labour to stake out and check grading activity. Ultimately letting you get more done with less effort, while reducing operating costs and fuel burn.

Don’t assume you need 3D - You may depend on GPS for driving directions, but that doesn’t mean you need it on your dozer. 2D systems are simple, less expensive and easily upgraded to 3D.

Every D6N comes standard with three key technologies:

  • Cat GRADE Control Slope Assist automatically maintains pre-established blade angles, saving time, reducing fatigue and improving finish-grade quality—with no off-board infrastructure.
  • Cat Slope Indicate puts critical slope information on the primary monitor in an easy-to-read format so operators have a quick way to confirm that everything’s on track.
  • Cat Stable Blade complements the operator’s blade control movements, providing a touch of extra stability for faster, more accurate grading.

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