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Working hard has never been easier with Cat® F Series Wheeled Excavators. The M317F compact radius increases your fleet versatility by introducing you into new possible markets like those with tight-quarter tasks and turning radius constraints such as road construction or small job sites. These machines are designed to help you take on the wide variety of challenges you face every day, and at a lower cost.


  • Engine Model Cat C4.4 ACERT with Twin Turbo Cat C4.4 ACERT with Twin Turbo
  • Net Power 150.0 HP 112.0 kW
  • Bore 4.1 in 105.0 mm
  • Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm
  • Displacement 268.5 in³ 4.4 l
  • Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 523.0 ft·lbf 710.0 N·m
  • Emissions Meets Stage IV emission standards. Meets Stage IV emission standards.
  • Engine Power - Maximum Gross - ISO 14396 117 kW (157 hp [159 hp/PS]*) 117 kW (157 hp [159 hp/PS]*)
  • Engine Power - Maximum Net - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 112 kW (150 hp [152 hp/PS]*) 112 kW (150 hp [152 hp/PS]*)
  • Note *Metric values. *Metric values.
  • Number of Cylinders - In Line 4 4
  • Ratings 1800.0 r/min 1800.0 r/min

Swing Radius and Key Dimensions

  • Maximum Shipping Length - With Long Stick 27.75 ft 8465.0 mm
  • Maximum Width - With Wide Axle, Parallel Blade 9.0 ft 2750.0 mm
  • Tail Swing Radius 5.83 ft 1785.0 mm


  • Counterweight 9480.0 lb 4300.0 kg
  • Offset Boom - Rear Dozer, Front Outriggers 42020.0 lb 19060.0 kg
  • Operating Weight* 17 550 to 18 550 kg (38,691 to 40,896 lb) 17 550 to 18 550 kg (38,691 to 40,896 lb)
  • VA Boom - Rear Dozer Only 38691.0 lb 17550.0 kg
  • VA Boom - Rear Dozer, Front Outriggers 40896.0 lb 18550.0 kg
  • Note *Includes medium stick, counterweight, full fuel tank, operator, quick coupler (210 kg/463 lb), bucket (600 kg/1,323 lb), dual pneumatic tires. Weight varies depending on configuration. *Includes medium stick, counterweight, full fuel tank, operator, quick coupler (210 kg/463 lb), bucket (600 kg/1,323 lb), dual pneumatic tires. Weight varies depending on configuration.

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed 8.1 r/min 8.1 r/min
  • Maximum Swing Torque 27289.0 ft·lbf 37.0

Hydraulic System

  • Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 58.0 gal/min 220.0 l/min
  • Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 12.7 gal/min 48.0 l/min
  • Maximum Flow - Implement/Travel Circuit 58.0 gal/min 220.0 l/min
  • Maximum Flow - Swing Mechanism 18.5 gal/min 70.0 l/min
  • Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 5076.0 psi 350.0 bar
  • Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 2683.0 psi 185.0 bar
  • Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Heavy Lift 5439.0 psi 375.0 bar
  • Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Normal and Travel Circuit 5076.0 psi 350.0 bar
  • Swing Mechanism 4786.0 psi 330.0 bar
  • System 64.7 gal (US) 245.0 l


  • Maximum Travel Speed 19.0 mile/h 30.0 km/h


  • Drawbar Pull 23380.0 lbf 104.0 kN
  • Maximum Forward/Reverse - 2nd Gear 19.0 mile/h 30.0 km/h
  • Maximum Gradeability (17 500 kg/38,580 lb) 70% 70%

Service Refill Capacities

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 5.0 gal (US) 19.0 l
  • Fuel Tank - Total Capacity 77.9 gal (US) 295.0 l


  • Ground Clearance 14.6 in 370.0 mm

  • VA Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Digging Height 32.5 ft 9910.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Dump Height 22.33 ft 6810.0 mm
  • Offset Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Digging Depth 18.67 ft 5680.0 mm
  • Offset Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Digging Height 32.42 ft 9880.0 mm
  • Offset Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Dump Height 22.25 ft 6780.0 mm
  • Offset Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Reach at Ground Level 29.08 ft 8860.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Digging Depth 18.67 ft 5690.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2450 mm (8'0") Stick Length: Reach at Ground Level 29.08 ft 8870.0 mm

Working Ranges

  • Note Range values are calculated with GD bucket 1100 mm (43"), 0.8 m3 (1.03 yd3) with tips J250 and CW-30-H.4.N quick coupler with a tip radius of 1574 mm (61.9"). Range values are calculated with GD bucket 1100 mm (43"), 0.8 m3 (1.03 yd3) with tips J250 and CW-30-H.4.N quick coupler with a tip radius of 1574 mm (61.9").
  • VA Boom - 2600 mm (8'6") Stick Length: Digging Depth 19.25 ft 5870.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2600 mm (8'6") Stick Length: Digging Height 33.58 ft 10240.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2600 mm (8'6") Stick Length: Dump Height 23.33 ft 7110.0 mm
  • VA Boom - 2600 mm (8'6") Stick Length: Reach at Ground Level 29.92 ft 9110.0 mm


  • Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards. Emissions technology is transparent – no action required from the operator and no stopping for regeneration.
  • Dedicated swing pump, allowing faster, smoother combined movements.
  • Built-in fuel savers, eliminating waste with features like Auto Engine Speed Control, Engine Idle Shutdown and efficient Eco Mode.
  • “On-Demand” Strategies, to consume just the right amount of fuel.
  • Similar working ranges, stability and lift capacities as the M316F.
  • Highly mobile, the M317F can travel up to 30 km/h (19 mph).


  • Compact design allows an operator to swing with confidence in tight quarters.
  • Flexible configurations to meet all your needs with various booms/sticks, tires and undercarriages.
  • “Plug and Play” design, with complete integration of the whole portfolio of Cat attachments. – Auxiliary hydraulics, including high pressure, and quick coupler lines/circuits. – Readiness for all couplers, either Pin Grabber, Dedicated or hydraulic Auto Connect coupler. – The monitor can allow ten hydraulic pump flow and pressure settings at the same time. – Tiltrotator option including all required changes to accommodate the Cat Tiltrotator.
  • Joystick buttons/sliders can be set up per tool as desired by the operator.

Ease of Operation

  • A complete package of smart technologies with features like Cruise Control or automatic brake and axle lock. Optional boosters like Ride Control, SmartBoom™, joystick steering are available.
  • Everything can be adjusted in the cab from the steering column height to the electrically adjustable mirrors.
  • Ergonomic cab with controls kept to a minimum and conveniently located.
  • Split-screen monitor to allow quick view of both cameras on the same display.


  • Integrated devices to help enforce safe behavior, like seat belt indicator, or the speed limit setting when roading in reverse with the upper frame rotated.
  • Visibility: large glass areas, rear/side cameras. LED lamps for all working lights and cameras.
  • For added protection, the optional impact resistant windshield meets the EN356 P5A standard.
  • Integrated pin code adds anti-theft security to your equipment.


  • Ground level access to all routine maintenance (like fuel and engine oil filters).
  • Easy access: clean, simple design. Radiators are all gathered together.
  • Reduced maintenance: automatic features (like lubrication system) along with long greasing intervals. Fit for life Diesel Particulate Filter.

Cat Connect Technology

  • Product Link™ connects owners to their equipment, providing access to machine data such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes.

M317F Standard Equipment


  • Alternator, 100 A
  • Lighting: LED light package, including all working lights (compatible with falling object guard). Working lights include cab mounted lights (two front, one rear), one on the counterweight for the rear camera and one on the right for the sideview camera.
  • Lighting: Boom LED working light
  • Lighting: Cab interior LED Light
  • Lighting: Roading lights two front, halogen
  • Lighting: Roading lights two rear, LED modules
  • Main shut-off switch
  • Maintenance free batteries, heavy duty
  • Electrical refueling pump
  • Signal/warning horn


  • Cat C4.4 Twin Turbo engine with ACERT Technology meets Stage IV emission standards
  • Aftertreatment technologies including the Cat Clean Emission Module package (CEM), including a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system
  • Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC), including one touch low idle
  • Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS)
  • Power mode selector
  • Altitude 3000 m capability without de-rate
  • Automatic starting aid
  • Fuel/water separator with water in fuel switch
  • Electric fuel priming pump


  • Adjustable hydraulic sensitivity
  • All Cat XT-6 ES hoses
  • Anti-drift valves for bucket, and tool control/multi-function circuits
  • Auxiliary boom and stick lines
  • Basic control circuits: Medium pressure - Two-way, medium pressure circuit, for rotating or tilting off attachments
  • Basic control circuits: Tool control/multi function - One/two-way high pressure for hammer application or opening and closing of attachments
  • Basic control circuits: Programmable flow and pressure for up to 10 attachments - selection via monitor
  • Basic control circuits: Quick coupler circuit and lines for hydraulic quick coupler (both Cat Pin Grabber and dedicated/CW Quick Couplers, controlled by a dedicated switch)
  • Boom Lowering Check Valve (BLCV), including overload warning device
  • Heavy lift mode
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Separate swing pump
  • Stick Lowering Check Device (SLCV)
  • Stick regeneration circuit

Operator Station

  • Reinforced (ROPS) cab structure compliant with 2006/42/EC and tested according to ISO 12117-2:2008
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Air conditioner, heater and defroster with automatic climate control
  • Cigarette lighter (24 volt)
  • Beverage cup/can holder
  • Bolt-on Falling Object Guards (FOGS) capability
  • Bottle holder
  • Bottom mounted intermittent (four speeds) wiping system that covers the upper and lower windshield glass
  • Cameras: Rear mounted wide angle camera (integrated into the counterweight)
  • Cameras: Right side wide angle camera, mounted on the cooling hood
  • Cameras: Both cameras are displayed side by side on a dedicated large color monitor
  • Coat hook
  • Cruise Control System
  • Fastened seat belt warning signal
  • Floor mat, washable, with storage compartment
  • FM Radio with CD player, speakers and USB port
  • Fully adjustable suspension seat
  • Instrument panel, full graphic and color display: Information and warning messages in local language
  • Instrument panel, full graphic and color display: Gauges for fuel level, engine coolant, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and hydraulic oil temperature
  • Instrument panel, full graphic and color display: Filters/fluids change intervals
  • Instrument panel, full graphic and color display: Indicators for headlights, turning signal, low fuel, engine dial setting
  • Instrument panel, full graphic and color display: Clock with 10-day backup battery
  • Interior LED lighting with door switch
  • Joystick pilot operated with one proportional slider
  • Laminated upper front windshield
  • Left side console, tiltable, with lock out for all controls
  • Literature holder in right hand side panel
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Parking brake
  • Pin-code, engine start prevention
  • Power supply, 12V-10A
  • Rain protector*
  • Rear window (tempered glass)/emergency exit, with hammer
  • Retractable seat belt, integrated into the seat
  • Safety lever, integrated into the left console
  • Skylight, laminated glass
  • Sealed cab with positive filtered ventilation
  • Sliding door windows
  • Steering column, adjustable height and angle
  • Storage area suitable for a lunch box
  • Sunshade for windshield and skylight


  • All wheel drive
  • Automatic brake/axle lock
  • Creeper speed
  • Electronic swing and travel lock
  • Heavy-duty axles, advanced disc brake system and travel motor, adjustable braking force
  • Oscillating front axle, lockable, with remote greasing point
  • Steps with box in undercarriage (left and right)
  • Two-piece drive shaft with 1,000 hours greasing intervals
  • Two speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Spacer rings for tires

Other Equipment

  • Auto-lube, centralized greasing (implement and swing gear)
  • Automatic swing brake
  • Counterweight, 4300 kg
  • Engine emergency shutoff switch
  • Mirrors, wide angle, frame and cab
  • Product Link
  • SOS sampling valves for engine oil, hydraulic oil and coolant
  • Bucket linkage for digging sticks

M317F Optional Equipment

Auxiliary Controls and Lines

  • Basic control circuits: Second high pressure - Additional two-way, high pressure circuit, for tools requiring a second high or medium pressure function
  • Basic control circuits: Grapple open/close controllable via bucket control on right joystick, can be selected in the monitor
  • SmartBoom


  • Cat BIO HYDO Advanced HEES biodegradable hydraulic oil

Front Linkage

  • Booms: VA boom (two piece), 5020 mm
  • Booms: Offset boom, 5020 mm
  • Sticks: 2450 mm
  • Sticks: 2600 mm


  • Adjustable travel alarm
  • Rotating beacon on cab

Operator Station

  • Joystick steering
  • Advanced joysticks with two proportional sliders
  • Seat, adjustable high-back, with vertical and horizontal air-suspension and heat rest: Comfort, automatic weight adjustment, mechanical lumbar support, heated
  • Seat, adjustable high-back, with vertical and horizontal air-suspension and heat rest: Deluxe seat adds automatic height and weight adjustment, pneumatic lumbar support, premium fabric, heated and ventilated
  • Windshield: One-piece impact resistant, laminated windshield and skylight (EN356 P5A standards, 10 mm)
  • Windshield: 70/30 split, openable
  • Mirrors electrically adjustable and heated, frame and cab
  • High pressure auxiliary pedal
  • Falling Objects Guards (top and front)


  • Read blade only (parallel)
  • Front blade (parallel)/rear outriggers
  • Front outriggers/rear blade (parallel)
  • Rear only (parallel), with wide axles
  • Travel restraint, for roading with a clamshell

Other Equipment

  • Cat Machine Security System (MSS)
  • Cooling protection package for dusty applications (includes fine mesh for enhanced radiator protection and engine air precleaner)
  • Fenders, front and rear
  • Ride Control
  • Tires
  • Attachments
  • Tilt-Rotator-Ready Package

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