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Caterpillar Motoren designed the M 34 DF based on the reliable M 32 C engine series. It will be capable of operating on multiple fuels without sacrificing the typical MaK marine engine attributes. The M 34 DF will be capable of running on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative to the expensive low sulfur Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) or large and complex scrubber installations for ECA operation as of 2015. High efficiency and proven reliability make the M 34 DF an excellent generator set. Due to selected operation profiles and low diesel fuel costs, the M 34 DF is a preferred generator set regarding cost of operation.

Generator Set Specifications

  • Minimum Rating 2934 kWe (3672 kVA) 2934 kWe (3672 kVA)
  • Maximum Rating 4574 kWe (5724 kVA) 4574 kWe (5724 kVA)

Engine Specifications

  • Configuration 6,8,9 Cylinder 6,8,9 Cylinder
  • Bore 13.4 in 340.0 mm
  • Stroke 18.1 in 460.0 mm
  • Swept Volume 2563.0 in³ 42.0 l/cyl

Generator Set Configurations

  • Emissions/Fuel Strategy IMO II in diesel mode / IMO III in gas mode IMO II in diesel mode / IMO III in gas mode

Generator Set Dimensions and Weights - Dependent on Generator Type

  • Height 4567 - 4770 mm (179.8 - 187.8 in) 4567 - 4770 mm (179.8 - 187.8 in)
  • Length 9566 - 11156 mm (376.6 - 439.2 in) 9566 - 11156 mm (376.6 - 439.2 in)
  • Weight 73.0 - 98.0 t (160937 - 216053 lbs) 73.0 - 98.0 t (160937 - 216053 lbs)
  • Width 2600 mm (102.4 in) 2600 mm (102.4 in)
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