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Technology is changing the way we live, work, and do business. The power of connectivity and big data has transformed our industry globally. And as the world becomes more connected, so must we.

Finning Digital was created in 2016 as our first global business unit. But we don’t just want to be Caterpillar’s biggest partner. We want to be their best partner when it comes to digital innovation enablement.

Our job is to help Finning recognize and embrace digital disruption. We ensure the entire organization is positioned to serve our customers into the future—a future where data and insight powers how we deliver value to customers.

We are rapidly growing our digital capabilities, leveraging our existing talent, working in partnership, and recruiting externally. By connecting with each other globally, we can connect more customers to our machines, technologies, and insights. Through these connections, we enable a tomorrow with limitless possibilities.

Bringing Worlds Together

Finning Digital is a global team of diverse and talented individuals. We’re builders, innovators, and specialists with deep expertise in Internet of Things, data science, analytics, digital solutions sales, and digital marketing.

We come from two worlds. Some of us come from more traditional corporate environments and are tired of wearing suits every day. Some of us know the startup world well and seek work-life balance. But we share one very important trait—we want to make things happen.

Work on the Edge

We’re “on the edge of Finning.” Our innovative operating model creates a start-up mentality, exposing the organization to new technology partners and new ways of working. Through this approach, we aim to capture and leverage the best of Finning—its culture, capabilities, and customer focus—while opening up new possibilities for innovation.

Finning Digital is located in Gastown, a neighbourhood in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, known for its density of start-up companies, tech innovation, and incubator workspaces. There are no corner offices here. You’ll find open workstations, a flattened hierarchy, and collaboration across the team and company.

Here, you have the flexibility to work from home or remotely from other Finning offices. Titles are a challenge to come up with—we all wear different hats because we own our contributions. If you’re looking for autonomy and share our “anything is possible” mentality, you’ll feel right at home!


Meet Our People

Alex Andrews, Marketing Manager, Global E-Channel and Brand

One word that describes your Finning career: Exhilarating 

“I’ve not had one day the same in five years and I’ve never stopped learning, either personally or professionally. I’ve also had the opportunity to go on multiple leadership courses, including the Developing Great Leaders course, which has helped me grow as a leader and manager of a team.”

Alex looks after the marketing of and e-commerce on a global scale for the Digital team. Her position has her working with the marketing and e-commerce teams in all three regions to maximize lead generation and sales, and it involves a lot of travel from her U.K. location.

Alex joined us in 2010 as marketing manager for Equipment Solutions. Over 4.5 years, her career evolved in scope, the size of her team grew, and the dynamic with Caterpillar changed as she worked internationally with other dealers. Over time, Alex took the lead on digital marketing, which led to her current role.

“Finning’s strong heritage is impressive and reassuring—not many companies can say they’ve been around for more than 80 years. At the same time, the way the business is embracing technology to stay ahead of the competition and support customers and employees in their success and productivity is inspiring. We’re being very pioneering and pulling together an incredibly diverse team of digital professionals.”

Martin Weber, Global Delivery Manager for E-Commerce

One word that describes your Finning career: Rewarding

Martin works with the Global E-commerce leads in Canada, the U.K. and South America, and with Caterpillar to enhance the e-commerce platform in a way that aligns with our strategy. His role is taking him places, and Martin spends about half his time travelling to meet with colleagues in our regions.

Martin joined Finning in 2001 as webmaster. Since then, he’s been in a variety of roles—managing online services, onboarding customers for B2B e-commerce products, managing a specific product across Canada, and helping implement our enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems. He’s always been connected to technology but he’s developed a wealth of skills and knowledge as his career has evolved.

“No day is the same. In Digital, there is constant variety and always something new coming up. It’s very cool that we’re working on something completely different than anyone else in the organization, driving the future of Finning and transforming not only the way we do business, but also our culture.”

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