Cat® Heavy Duty Skeleton Buckets for Cat CW-40 couplers are designed for heavy demolition work and rock handling situations.

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Width 63.0 in 1600.0 mm
Weight 6656.0 lb 3019.0 kg
Tooth Style J550 J550
Tooth Count 5 5
Capacity 3.41 yd³ 2.61 m³

You've got a job to do

Our line of skeleton buckets is suitable for breaking up paving stones and tarmac, including rock and demolition work. And is ideal when sieving is required. The rugged design, with square cross section of the vertical bars make these buckets very strong and durable.

Cat quality built in every bucket

Caterpillar has a 35 year legacy designing and manufacturing buckets. A tremendous amount of data and customer feedback on use in applications and materials from around the world is integrated into each bucket design. With every Cat bucket that leaves our factory, not only leaves a world-class product, but also a first-class promise. So you can be sure that every day we do our utmost to build the products that will make you more efficient and productive.