Used for loading light, loosely-packed materials.

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Width 107.4 in 2727.0 mm
Height 57.2 in 1453.0 mm
Weight 2742.5 lb 1244.0 kg
Length 62.0 in 1575.0 mm
Capacity 5.0 yd³ 3.8 m³
Base Edge Thickness 1.0 in 25.0 mm
Interface Type Pin On Pin On


Designed for carrying light, loosely-packed materials.

Versatile Design

Easily hauls, loads, digs and piles light materials such as snow, hay or woodchips.

High Capacity Design

Increased capacity up to 60% over standard buckets.

Material Density Rating

Designed for loading material with a density of 1300 lb/yd3 (770 kg/m3) or less.

Optional Top Clamp

Optional full-width top clamp tightly holds loose materials such as hay with minimum spillage, and holds large round bales securely.