One Hammer, Multiple Solutions

Use the same hammer to chisel asphalt, punch through concrete, or smash oversized rock. Your breaker can be fitted with a range of tools depending on your needs: moil points, blunt breakers, chisels, spade, and even a compaction plate. One attachment gives you many solutions.

Break Concrete, Not the Bank

Whether you choose to buy your hammer new, used or to rent, your local Cat dealer can help with a breaking solution that works best for you. Cat quality will continue to pay dividends as conditions change since you'll have options to sell, trade in or rebuild: whatever works best to keep you and your business in the black.

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Hammer

You don't need to be a hammer expert as our expertise is on call for you. Built-in features like automatic shut-off protect your equipment from poor operation techniques or the occasional mistake. Internal buffering and integral silencing keeps the noise and power on the job, and out of the cab. If you can run a skid steer loader or mini excavator, you can run a Cat hammer like a pro.

Spend Less Time on Maintenance

Beyond Your Purchase

Want to learn more about your hammer? Operating and maintenance videos are available online or through your local Cat dealer. Working away from home? Not a problem. Be confident no matter where your job takes you as the global network of Cat dealer is there with not only equipment support and service, but also with the hammer parts and service you may need as well. No other manufacturer can offer you the same.

Used for demolition and construction applications.

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Impact Energy Class 600.0 ft·lbf 813.0 J
Blows per Minute 600-1680 600-1680
Maximum Operating Pressure 2393.0 psi 16500.0 kPa
Minimum Operating Pressure 1450.0 psi 10000.0 kPa
Minimum Carrier Weight 5500.0 lb 2495.0 kg
Maximum Carrier Weight 13200.0 lb 5987.0 kg
Maximum Operating Weight 750.0 lb 340.0 kg
Maximum Rated Flow 22.0 gal/min 85.0 l/min
Minimum Rated Flow 7.9 gal/min 30.0 l/min
Minimum Operating Weight 551.0 lb 250.0 kg
Tool Shaft Diameter 2.28 in 58.0 mm