MP332 Demolition Jaw

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Cat® Multi-Processors accept multiple interchangeable jaws for a wide range of demolition tasks. Faster cycle times get your jobs done quicker. Greater power means taking on bigger jobs. Quick jaw change gives you the right tool for the task at hand, without slowing you down. All built on a durable, easy to maintain platform.


  • Cycle Time - Open 1.9 s 1.9 s
  • Cycle Time - Close 1.3 s 1.3 s
  • Crushing Force - Primary Cutter 460.0 Sh Ton 4094.0 kN
  • Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 219.0 Sh Ton 1951.0 kN
  • Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 151.0 Sh Ton 1347.0 kN

Hydraulic Requirements

  • Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 350.0 bar 5076.0 psi
  • Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 280.0 gal/min 74.0 l/min
  • Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 160.0 bar 2321.0 psi
  • Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 50.0 l/min 11.0 gal/min

Dimensions - Jaw

  • Jaw Depth 36.0 in 909.0 mm
  • Cutter Length 8.0 in 200.0 mm
  • Jaw Opening - Maximum 42.0 in 1078.0 mm
  • Jaw Width - Fixed 6.0 in 140.0 mm
  • Jaw Width - Moveable 6.0 in 140.0 mm

Dimensions - Housing + Jaw

  • Length 89.0 in 2253.0 mm
  • Height 79.0 in 1995.0 mm
  • Width 40.0 in 1005.0 mm

Recommended Carrier Weight

  • Excavator Minimum 32 tons 32 tons
  • Excavator Maximum 50 tons 50 tons

Cycle Times are 50 Percent Faster

  • New speed booster technology dynamically shifts hydraulic force from speed to boost mode, automatically as you operate.
  • You’ll spend less time waiting for the jaw to open or close to contact, as the speed valve automatically adjusts to fast flow when there’s no load.
  • Maximum crushing/cutting force is applied as soon as the jaw contacts material.

Up to 19 Percent More Force

  • Process more per hour, ship more per shift, make more every day. Speed booster magnifies hydraulic force when the jaw contacts material, quickly making the cut.
  • Mount more power even on smaller excavators. Compact design keeps the center of gravity as close as possible to the machine.
  • Get maximum performance and total support with a complete Cat demolition solution. Programs for the MP are built into the Next Gen Cat operator display. Single point of support your entire system by your local Cat dealer.

Change Jaws in 15 Minutes

  • Innovative jaw locking enables a single operator to easily change jaws in 15 minutes or less. Requires only standard hand tools.
  • Simple and safe jaw changes are part of the design. Every jaw sits stable, even on the roughest work site, on the included jaw stand.
  • MP332 accepts these jaw types:
    • Concrete Cutter – outer jaw cracks concrete; inner shear jaw cuts steel
    • Demolition – opens wide to crack the largest concrete structures
    • Pulverizer – crushes concrete, separating the rebar
    • Shear – cuts structural steel, pipe, and cable
    • Tank Shear – cuts at right angle on three sides, cleanly cutting tanks or plate steel
    • Universal – innovative design cuts steel and crushes concrete

Durable and Maintainable

  • Protect your investment and maintain performance, quickly and economically. Jaws are protected with easily changed, individually replaceable wear parts.
  • Get more production time per cutter before replacement. Most cutting blades can be flipped in two ways, to use four different cutting edges.
  • Even when deep into debris, the cylinder rod is armored to prevent damage and the main cylinder body is protected inside the housing.

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