This portable generator provides the factory-installed, dual-fuel option which allows power customers to substantially reduce costs and meet changing fuel availability by utilizing a wide range of gaseous fuels. Designed for use with the 50 Hz XQ2000 power module driven by the Cat 3516B engine, the DGB advanced control system automatically adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure. This allows the engine to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG, with no loss of performance integrity, which makes it an ideal generator rental unit. It maintains diesel performance levels with up to 70 percent replacement of diesel with gas, and accepts up to 55 percent inerts. No customer input or gas analysis is needed during operation, and no recalibration is required when the equipment is moved or the gas supply changes.

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Rating (2) 1600 ekW (2000 kVA) Prime 1600 ekW (2000 kVA) Prime
Rating (1) 1400 ekW (1750 kVA) Continuous 1400 ekW (1750 kVA) Continuous

Single Source Supplier

  • Generator set manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 compliant facility
  • Package factory designed and production tested
  • Generator set and components meet or exceed the following specifications: AS1359, AS2789, BS4999, DIN6271, DIN6280, EGSA101P, JEM1359, IEC 34/1, ISO3046/1, ISO8528, NEMA MG1-22

Worldwide Product Support

  • Cat® dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements
  • Supported 100% by your Cat dealer with warranty on parts and labor

Reliable, Fuel Eficient Diesel Engine

  • The compact, four-stroke-cycle Cat 3516B turbocharged-aftercooled diesel engine combines durability while providing dependability and economy
  • Stainless steel engine aftercooler core to extend component, oil, and overall engine life when using gaseous fuels with elevated H2S levels
  • Fuel system operates on a variety of gaseous fuels
  • Integral gas train, gas filter, and isolation valve
  • Includes methane detection system and related safeties

Cat Generator

Cat SR4B 826 frame generator designed to match the performance and output characteristics of the Cat diesel engine
Double bearing, wye-connected, static regulated, brushless, permanent magnet excited

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • 110% spill containment of onboard engine fluids
  • Positive crankcase fumes ventilation

Sound Attenuated Container

  • Provides 9-high stack CSC rated enclosure for ease of transportation and protection
  • Meets 75 dB(A) at 15 meters or below per SAE J1074 measurement procedure at prime rating

Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) System

  • Requires gas inlet pressure range of 5-35 psi (34-241 kPa)
  • Achieves up to 70% substitution, depending on gas quality, while maintaining diesel performance and safe engine operation
  • Closed loop control system enables maximum substitution over the widest load range in the industry
  • Maintains traditional diesel generator set power and transient response performance
  • DGB system, when enabled, can automatically activate when gas supply is detected
  • Accepts a wide range of gas quality and automatically adjusts to fuel quality changes, eliminating the need for field calibration
  • Leverages current hardware from G3516 product line while minimizing changes to core diesel engine
  • Fully integrated diesel and gas controls into single engine control unit with single point operation for generator set and DGB system

Cat Cooling System

  • Horizontally mounted radiator with vertical discharge with high efficiency fan
  • Provides 43C (110F) ambient capability
  • Variable frequency drive fan controls improve partial load fuel consumption

On-Package Paralleling Control System

  • Provides auto paralleling using package mounted controls
  • EMCP 4.3 offers engine and generator monitoring and protection, including DGB enable and substitution level set points
  • AGC-4 provides paralleling, load sharing, VFD control, and primary generator protection

Digital Voltage Regulator (Cat DVR)

  • 3 phase sensing and adjustable V/Hz regulation
  • Provides precise control, excellent block loading, and constant voltage in the normal operating range

XQ2000 - DGB Standard Equipment

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  • Cat 3516B heavy duty flex fuel engine
  • Heavy duty, single element canister type air cleaner with service indicator
  • Fuel filters – primary and duplex secondary with integral water separator and change-over valve
  • Spin on, full flow oil filters with water cooled oil cooler. Requires API CF-4 lube oil
  • Stainless Steel Aftercooler core
  • Jacket water heater, 9kW, 400V, 50 Hz, 3-phase w/isolation valves
  • Fuel cooler and priming pump
  • Electronic ADEM™ A4 controls
  • Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) for combustion sensing and exhaust gas sensing
  • Dual 24V electric starting motors

XQ2000 - DGB Optional Equipment

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  • Three axle with Anti-lock brake system
  • Goodyear G314 295/75R225 Load Range G