Caterpillar offers a complete solution for the monitoring and control of generators and associated switchgear in applications where complex control philosophies are employed. Various applications are available such as Multiple Generator Control, Multiple Utility control (including Peak Lopping/Shaving), Load Management control and Balance of Plant control. At a basic level, a Master PLC panel is wired in conjunction with the generator control panels and associated switchgear in the system to provide the control for the power network and the starting and stopping of the generators.

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PLC and SCADA Control Systems

  • Auto/Manual control of generators and load breakers
  •     Generator monitoring screens (Voltage, Frequency, Amps, kW, kVA, kVAr)
  • Engine monitoring screens (Oil pressure, Engine temperature, RPM, Engine hours, Battery DC Voltage, Number of starts)
  • Generator test off load buttons
  • Test buttons for Utility synchronising
  • Generator and breaker alarm and event logging
  • Suitable for complex control philosophies using standard add-on instructions within a configurable base code
  • Modular system, can be scaled to suit any application
  • Simple interface with Modbus (RS485, Ethernet), BacNet and Profibus systems
  • Remote Access, monitoring and control

PLC and SCADA Control Systems Standard Equipment

17 inch Industrial Computer with touchscreen graphical Interface
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  • Project specific screens
  • Single Interface for monitoring and control
  • Data logging
  • Alarm/Event logging
  • Password protection for control

PLC and SCADA Control Systems Optional Equipment

Redundant Hot/Standby PLC's
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  • Dimensions 2200 (H), 2250mm (W), 750mm (D)
  • Each PLC is installed in a separate panel with all interconnecting cables connected to a marshalling section.