The 8CM34DF is based on the successful CM32C medium speed engine, Caterpillar Motoren designed the CM34DF to meet and exceed the CM32C reliability and lifetime expectations, while maintaining its class leading position regarding operational efficiency and reliability. The CM34DF is an ideal solution as main power for offshore production platforms and top sides. The CM34DF clean design allows fast and easy access to system and components, supporting the operation, service and maintenance simplicity. Designed to operate on gaseous fuel with methane numbers down to MN 50 and liquid fuels as MGO, MDO, heavy fuels and crude oil. The CM34DF is certified to IMO Tier II standards and meets proposed IMO Tier III emissions levels while operating in gas mode. Care and attention was paid to customers demand for a safe and reliable operation at varying engine loads and gas qualities.

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Engine Specifications
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Minimum Rating 4800.0 kV·A 3840.0 ekW
Maximum Rating 4800.0 kV·A 3840.0 ekW
Emissions IMO Tier II IMO Tier II
Displacement 20382.0 in³ 334.0 l
Bore 13.4 in 340.0 mm
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooler Turbocharged Aftercooler
Stroke 18.1 in 460.0 mm
Weight 187000.0 lb 93.5 ton (US)
Engine Control Electronic Electronic

Engine Design

World-class reliability and durability - Medium speed long-stroke engine design - Compact cylinder head design - Nodular cast-iron block with integrated ducts for lubricating oil and charge air - Engine design based on the higher requirements of crude oil - High efficiency turbocharger - Cylinder liner semi dry, only cooled outside the engine block - Compact module for lower valve drives and injection pump drives with cam followers - Flexible Camshaft Technology optimizes valve operation to maintain low emissions- Super fine honed cylinder liner for low lube oil consumption- Hardened piston ring grooves- Diamond coated piston rings

Ease of Installation

Standard modular design allows for ease of installation and reduced complexity - Low installation cost with auxiliary systems mounted on engine - Cooling water system with simple plug-in connections

Improved Serviceability

Large inspection openings for convenient access to core engine components - Core engine components designed for reconditioning and reuse at overhaul- Worldwide dealer network with factory-trained technicians means that parts and support are never out of reach- Segmental camshaft design- Split connecting rod design for quick piston removal - Individual camshaft segments for easy removal

8CM34DF Standard Equipment

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  • Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine
  • Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton for manual emergency stop