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Your operation depends on the power driving it. And your transmission is as crucial to your power solution as the engine. Cat transmissions are proven in the oil and gas industry and widely known for their exceptional power, leading durability, ease of operation, and shifting options.Ideal applications for Cat CX31-P600 transmissions include workover rigs, kill mud pumps, coil tubing pump support, nitrogen units, acidizing units, and cementing units. CX31-P600 transmissions are optimized for use with C9 ACERT, C11 ACERT, C13 ACERT, C15 ACERT, and C18 ACERT engines (A and B ratings).Cat CX31-P600 oilfield transmission. Gross input power: 447 bkW (600bhp). Configurations available include integral pump drives, integral drop box, and side power take-off.

Transmission Specifications

  • Gross Input Power 600.0 BHP 447.0 bkW
  • Gross Peak Input Torque 2025.0 ft-lb 2746.0 N·m
  • Rated Input Speed 2100.0 r/min 2100.0 r/min
  • Maximum Turbine Torque 2600.0 ft-lb 3525.0 N·m
  • Minimum Input Speed 2500.0 r/min 2500.0 r/min
  • Retarder Rating 535.0 HP 399.0 kW
  • Retarder Rating Speed 2400.0 r/min 2400.0 r/min
  • Electrical System 24.0 V 12.0 V
  • Gear Type Planetary Spur Planetary Spur
  • Gears 6F/1R 6F/1R
  • 1F Gear Ratio 4.40 4.40
  • 2F Gear Ratio 2.33 2.33
  • 3F Gear Ratio 1.53 1.53
  • 4F Gear Ratio 1.00 1.00
  • 5F Gear Ratio 0.72 0.72
  • 6F Gear Ratio 0.61 0.61
  • 1R Gear Ratio -3.97 -3.97
  • Overall Gear Ration 7/21 7/21

CX31-P600 Standard Equipment

Cat Engines for Optimized Power Train

  • C9 ACERT, C11 ACERT, C13 ACERT, C15 ACERT, C18 ACERT (A and B ratings)

Transmission Rotation

  • Input rotation — counterclockwiseOutput rotation — counterclockwise(as viewed from rear)

Torque Converter

  • Lock-up clutch, torque converter drive in all gears integral to transmission
  • Stall torque ratio


  • Clutches — electro-hydraulic fully modulated, oil cooled, multidisc
  • Clutch modulation control — Cat Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)

Installation Connections

  • 2 oil cooler lines
  • 1 electrical connector

Oil System

  • Cat Transmission/Drive Train Oil-4 (TDTO) sump oil temperatures
  • Maximum converter outlet oil temperature — 250°F (121°C)
  • Hydraulic fill capacity — 6.5 gal (25 L) subject to cooler size, lines, and installation — initial fill may be greater
  • Direct mount filter


  • Input (flywheel) — SAE #1 dry flywheel housing
  • Side supports — two SAE #2 pads
  • Output — 1710 yoke, 1810 yoke, 1810 companion flange, ISO 8667-T180 flange

Power Take-Off Drives

  • Location
  • 8 bolt mounting type
  • Rated torque
  • Rotation: same as engine
  • Ratio, 1:1

CX31-P600 Optional Equipment

Oil system

  • Remote mount oil filter


  • Remote mount ECU
  • Remote mount filter option

Integral Power Take-Off

  • Location: 1 o'clock and 11 o'clock as viewed from rear
  • Mounting type
  • Rated torque
  • Rotation: same as engine
  • Ratio - 1.09:1

Rear Power Take-Off

  • Location: 5 o'clock as viewed from rear
  • Mounting type: 8 bolt
  • Rated torque: 1000 lb-ft (1360 N•m)
  • Rotation: Opposite of engine
  • Ratio - 1.25:1

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