Flexible Payments

Flexible Payments 


We recognise that each and every one of our customers have different requirements, particularly when it comes to finance. So, we offer a choice of different payment options. Whether you want the certainty of fixed monthly payments, the flexibility of paying as you go, or anything in-between, we’ve got something that will suit your business and budget.


✔︎ Option 1: Fixed monthly payments – with fixed monthly payments you pay the same fixed sum each month, making it easy to budget and manage your cash flow

✔︎ Option 2: Variable monthly payments – the price you pay each month varies based on the number of hours worked. Your payments go up and down in line with fluctuations in your workload, ensuring your agreement costs are seamlessly aligned with your cash flow

✔︎ Option 3: Average price per service – always pay the same price for your service, with one fixed price for every service performed

✔︎ Option 4: Price per service – you pay an individual price for each service. We charge you for the service performed when it’s performed

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