Increase Fuel Efficiency

Just how much is inefficient operation of your equipment really costing you?

High idling times and poor operator practice can add significant cost to your operations.

To be able to avoid these sometimes hidden expenses you need access to the right data to allow you to identify the main areas of concern and be able develop plans to tackle the issues.

Data provided through EMSolutions puts you in the driving seat and allows you to truly understand just how well your operations are performing.

Our Fleet Benchmarking report provides you with a monthly comparison of your equipment’s idling times compared against the rest of the Cat® fleets in the UK and Ireland. Individual asset, site and fleet information can be accessed from VisionLink, that will help you view your fleet's idletime, fuel burn and run reports.

Support from the Finning team is not limited to machine health and information received from the Cat Product Link telematics that could indicate excessive idling or poor operator practice is also monitored and communicated.

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