Cat® Grade is a factory installed automated grading solution for excavators, dozers, motor graders and scrapers. Supported by our product experts, the solution can help both new and experienced machine operators deliver dramatic improvements in grading efficiency over a wide range of applications.

With help from our experts, owners and operators can also benefit from upgrading from 2D to 3D solutions on selected equipment. This optional 3D upgrade supports increased accuracy, speed and productivity benefits, even for general applications, whilst making more complex work much simpler.  


Excavating Accuracy for Grades and Slopes

Cat Grade control for excavators provides accurate bucket guidance during digging and slope cutting. Programmed through the in-cab display, slope and depth levels can be set quickly by the operator.

Levels are then monitored in real-time through the measurement of bucket tip elevation. This helps the operator precisely cut to the grade required first time, increasing accuracy and productivity.

Dozer Grading Solutions in 2D and 3D

Accurate grading technology has been at the forefront of Dozer innovation for years. With a focus on reducing component wear and fuel burn, Caterpillar has developed a suite of grade technologies that all help to cut down the number of passes needed to complete the job. These include:

  • Cat Slope Indicate

  • Cat Stable Blade

  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist

  • Cat Grade with 3D

  • Cat AccuGrade™

Integrated Motor Grader Technology

Cat Grade technology is fully integrated onto all new Motor Graders. The all-in-one grading solution is designed to give the operator complete control of the cross slope. This is achieved by automating blade movements on one side of the blade, helping to improve overall jobsite accuracy and productivity.

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Connecting Equipment

Connect any piece of equipment, from a single mini excavator right through to larger mixed fleets.

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SITECH Grade Solutions

Integrated solutions for all machines, offering a range of benefits.

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