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As part of our technology driven solutions for the construction, mining and quarrying sectors, we have become the UK & Ireland dealer for cloud based aerial survey specialist, Redbird.

By carrying out flights by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), commonly known as drones, trained operators can gather advanced surveying data across large areas, in a matter of hours.

This data can then be transferred online and transformed into valuable production tracking and site assessment information, using Redbird’s cloud–based automatic processing software. Accessed from a full range of connected devices, this powerful information can be shared online with your teams and our experts.

This means that any employee can get high-resolution data on the entire site and visualise the relevant information easily. Using the simple web interface, analytics can be extracted to produce real-time reports about production, productivity or safety.

Using this information, better decisions can be made faster, increasing the overall productivity of a jobsite.

We offer Redbird aerial surveying as a stand-alone or modular solution. Our modular approach allows customers to bring together information from Redbird surveying, our equipment monitoring solutions, maintenance data and more.

With support from our expert team, this approach gives a much fuller picture of how a site is operating and where improvements can be made.



A New Phase

“Drones are entering a new phase, with data analytics as the heart of this evolution. Redbird’s solutions have been developed with leading construction companies and quarry operators for the past two years, helping them extract the real value out of drone data.

"We are honoured by this collaboration with Caterpillar, which will bring tangible benefits to construction sites, mines and quarries, helping customers work faster and safer.”

- Emmanuel de Maistre, CEO and co-founder of Redbird

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