Alexandre De Moraes Zanelatto

Finning International Inc., Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Alexandre De Moraes Zanelatto was appointed EVP of global supply chain in July 2020 and is responsible for the end-to-end supply chain and procurement processes, supplier and customer relationships, and inventory management.

Prior to Finning, Mr. De Moraes Zanelatto held various executive positions on the Kraft Heinz team including vice-president of Canadian operations and supply chain leading the team through the merger, vice president of global manufacturing and agriculture, and vice president of global execution and North American supply chain.

Prior to Kraft Heinz, Mr. De Moraes Zanelatto was the chief operating officer at América Latina Logística, one of the leading logistics companies in Brazil.

Mr. De Moraes Zanelatto earned his civil engineering degree at Federal University of Paraná in Brazil and completed engineering management and project management certifications at UC San Diego.