Cat Hoses

Hose and Couplings

Hose and Couplings

CAT hose products are engineered as a system to deliver the strongest possible hose/coupling connection. These products are tested far beyond industry standards.

  • High quality hose products mean fewer hose changes. Cat offers a broad line of high-, medium- and low-pressure hoses and couplings are engineered and tested far beyond industry standards for top performance and long life.
  • Impulse, temperature, burst, abrasion tests, etc.
  • Cat hose products represent the industry standard for superior performance and reliability, and are MSHA approved.
  • pdfCat ToughGuard™ Hoses, for example, feature a polyethylene cover that has surpassed 2 million cycles of abrasion testing without failure.
  • For extreme abrasion high, medium, and low pressure applications.
  • Eliminated the need for most plastic/nylon guarding.

Finning Hose Service:

  • Quality assurance
  • Superior Cat hose products
  • “Certified Clean”
  • “Certified Crimp”

XT No-Skive Coupling:

  • XT™ No-Skive is a new design of permanent couplings for XT ES and ToughGuard™ Hose.
  • The hose cover is not removed or “skived” to install the coupling.
  • Universal coupling.
  • XT™ No Skive couplings are replacing all current XT reusable and permanent couplings.