Increase your productivity by up to 40% while lowering site costs. Caterpillar’s revolutionary AccuGrade Grade Control System improves grading accuracy while reducing the need for survey stakes through a combination of digital design data, automatic blade controls, and operator guidance features. The AccuGrade Grade Control System features products using a suite of technologies, including cross slope, sonic, GPS, ATS, and laser technology. The technology is available for track-type tractors, motor graders, excavators, and soil compactors. Get in touch with us to find out which product is right for you and how we can help!

» ACCUGRADE™ Laser 2D technology available for Track-Type Tractors and Motor Graders.
» ACCUGRADE™ Cross Slope 2D technology for Motor Graders.
» ACCUGRADE™ Sonic 2D technology for Motor Graders.
» ACCUGRADE™ GPS 3D available for Track-Type Tractors, Motor Graders, Excavators and Soil Compactors
» ACCUGRADE™ ATS 3D available for Track-Type Tractors and Motor Graders

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