Rotherham Hospital


Rotherham Hospital


Rotherham, UK

Customer Requirement

Power generation with heat recovery


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Power Need

Rotherham Hospital required a generator to provide prime power to the hospital. With sustainable waste and energy solutions being of importance to the trust, a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution was specified where heat produced as a by-product can be fed back into the hospital's existing heating system.


Following discussions to identify their requirements, Finning Power and Energy specified a containerised Caterpillar® G3516B gas generator set with an electrical output of 1.1 M We and a thermal output from recovery of heat in the jacket water and exhaust of 1.5 MWth.

The installation is based on a Caterpillar EAME-CIS Solution including: generator set, heat recovery modules, external radiator cooling system, local control and operation panels and fire detection and suppression systems.

The local control panels were positioned in a separate control room within the container. The control panel is operated automatically with comprehensive fail safe monitoring and protection systems and is suitable to incorporate the necessary synchronisation and governing systems.

The CHP solution uses heat exchangers to harvest heat from the engine water jacket, oil cooler, after cooler and exhaust gases to produce hot water. Finning connected this to the existing LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water) heating system and installed metering to allow the hospital to benefit from CHP QA grants and rebates.


The Caterpillar® G3516B generator is designed for operation 24 hours a day, 365 day a year and is the prime source of power for the hospital. The generator is synchronised with the mains grid supply which is used when extra power is needed.

The CHP system, which is connected to the existing heating system, offers a total heat recovery of 1545kW and is the prime source of heating for the hospital with the existing site boilers used to provide extra resource where required.

Following completion of the installation testing took place that showed an overall energy efficiency for the first 30 days of operation to be 90.2%.

The system is considered to be suitable for a minimum 15 years of service, one of the requirements from the hospital, with Finning providing ongoing operation and maintenance support throughout its life.