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Construction Solutions

With mobile plant required to demolish existing structures, support recycling and remediation, even before the main earthworks phase of a project can commence, there are numerous solutions that we offer with our technology partners, that improve construction operations every day.

By providing both software and hardware solutions that can support each phase of construction work, from detailed planning and design, to estimating and bidding, we enable customers to deliver projects with confidence, knowing they have the data needed to verifying activities carried out at each phase.

Our trained experts that combine onsite knowledge with proven technology solutions installing, training and supporting customers of all sizes. Whether you have Cat equipment or a mixed fleet, our technology can change the way you do business. 

Our experts at Finning and SITECH work in collaboration with customers to understand each individual businesses needs and opportunities, to determine the technology solutions that can support growth and profitability. 

Trimble Site Positioning System

Siteworks Positioning System

Siteworks Positioning Systems are designed to help you eliminate downtime by making every minute more productive. Handle complex files and 3D data sets quickly, so you can spot issues and solve problems before they slow you down. Siteworks is sold and delivered in conjunction with Finning’s subsidiary SITECH.

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Trimble Business Centre HCE

Trimble Business Centre - HCE

Powerful tools help you create accurate, integrated 3D models for sites, highways and marine applications quickly and easily. Make better decisions, decrease costly mistakes, and increase efficiency in the office and on the job site.

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Machine Grade Control Systems

Grade Control Systems

Gain a competitive edge and streamline your operations with 2D and 3D grade control for Dozers, Excavators, Motor Graders, Scrapers and Wheel loaders. Finning offers the installation of Cat Grade control upon the purchase of a new Caterpillar machine, or aftermarket for any brand of machine via SITECH.

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Compaction Control

Compact Control Systems

The compactor is the last machine used in your paving project and the errors that may occur in this stage can be very expensive to solve.  Compaction control allows for more consistent compaction with respect to the density required by the design; It also allows to monitor the number of passes over an area and adjust the effort to avoid excessive or insufficient compaction.

Finning offers Cat Compact for installation on new Caterpillar machines, and Trimble Compact Control System (CCS900), for installation on all other equipment brands and older Caterpillar equipment

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Trimble Asphalt Control System (PCS900)

Trimble Asphalt Control System (PCS900)

Does your business often work on projects such as airports, highways and other large commercial surfaces?

Our PCS900 paving system from Trimble will give you a new level of precisions (3-6mm), taking advantage of the precision and flexibility of 3D technology.

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Payload Weighing System

Payload Weighing Systems

Are you paying attention to payload? We specialise in both the Cat Payload and Trimble Loadrite systems and support many brands of equipment, ensuring you and your operators have precision payload weighing – regardless of the material you are loading, moving or working and regardless of the manufacturer of your equipment. Optimise tones per hour, cycle times, and total volume moved to understand project progress against plan.

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Drilling Systems DPS900

Drilling Systems

Trimble’s DPS900 Drilling System increases the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your drilling operations. Drill exactly to the depth you need, reducing over drilling and ensuring your drill bits and hammers last longer.

The DSP900 is delivered and supported in conjunction with Finning’s subsidiary SITECH.

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VisionLink Telematics Software

VisionLink Telematics Software

Get a unified view of health, location and productivity for the entire fleet, regardless of your fleet size or the manufacturer of your equipment.

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Airware Geospatial Drone Analytics

Geospatial Drone Surveying

What if you could increase your survey speed by 50X, and its resolution by 350X? With our Airware drone solutions for construction, you can rapidly collect and analyse comprehensive imagery of all your sites, measure excavation and fill material volumes, and monitor job progress by comparing design plans to as-built. 

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Specialised Construction Technology Expertise

SITECH is a distribution network for the most reliable and rugged construction technology systems available to the heavy and highway contractor today. The experienced construction professionals at your SITECH dealership provide local customer service, personalised training and technical support.

The team at the SITECH dealership understands how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve some of the biggest challenges in the construction industry. They will guide you on how to leverage Trimble machine control systems for your entire fleet of heavy equipment along with Trimble’s complete portfolio of Connected Site solutions Site Positioning Systems, Construction Asset Management Services, construction software and powerful wireless and internet-based infrastructures.

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