SPP Pumps Cheviot Platform


SPP Pumps


ATP Cheviot oil and gas production platform

Customer Requirement

Power to drive firewater pumps


Feasibility studies, detailed design, mechanical engineering, equipment supply, ancillary equipment, project management, commissioning, maintenance,gGenuine parts supply

Power Need

SPP Pumps, a global leader in engineered pumping solutions, required an engine package that meets stringent fire emergency regulations to drive the firewater pumps for the ATP Cheviot oil and gas production platform – a semi-submersible drilling, production and storage facility.


SPP Pumps again selected Finning to supply two custom Cat 3512C HD engines to drive their pumps.The Cat marine engines, rated at 1678 kW at 1800 rpm are well proven in demanding applications across the globe and were refined and packaged with accessories by Finning to meet both the client’s specification and the stringent requirements of NFPA 20, the National Fire Protection Association standard. This is to ensure the engines will deliver reliable power in the event of a fire emergency.

These refinements required a number of modifications to the engine controls to meet NFPA 20. The engine rating is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as required for the floating platform. This, in particular, meant that Finning had to design the engine package to maintain operation at a constant 22.5-degree tilt in the event of an emergency, such as the platform losing buoyancy. Each firewater pump engine is certified to EPA marine tier two classification and meets the E3 emissions’ test cycle for marine applications. NFPA requirements also specified the addition of a dual engine control module (ECM) so that, in the unlikely event of failure of the main ECM, the second module will maintain the engine systems and performance will be unaffected.


Finning’s global experience and engineering capabilities have positioned it as a trusted partner for some of the world’s most demanding industrial applications. This is especially the case with SPP Pumps who has selected Finning and its Cat product range for numerous offshore and onshore firewater pump applications. Fire protection systems demand a reliable source of power at all times, so to ensure that the firewater pumps are available round-the-clock, it was essential that SPP’s engine supplier has the right technical understanding and engineering expertise. The company has worked with Finning on a number of high-profile projects, through which it has proven its engineering capabilities and technical expertise. In addition, Finning is able to provide technical support as well as routine service, preventative maintenance and emergency engine repair.