Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility Committee


The Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility Committee is to assist the Board in its oversight of Finning's safety and health, environmental, social responsibility, and sustainability policies and programs and monitor its performance against those policies and programs.

The Committee encourages, assists and counsels management in its drive towards attaining and maintaining world-class safety, health and environmental performance and sustainability. The Committee, through oversight of management’s procedures and policies, ensures management builds compliance into the corporation’s business processes and activities in order to meet or exceed applicable legal obligations. The committee supports management in achieving the goals of eliminating work-related injuries and occupational illnesses and reducing our impact on the environment.

Community investment is also a focus of this Committee, as well as any matter affecting Finning’s sustainable development in the Committee’s areas of oversight responsibility. The committee is also involved in providing strategic input, monitoring risks on a quarterly basis related to its scope of responsibility, and reviewing action plans in all these areas.

Committee Membership

Name Independent
Andrés Kuhlmann, Chair Yes
Vicki L. Avril-Groves Yes
Mary Lou Kelley Yes
Kevin Parkes No
Michael C. Putnam Yes
John R. Rhind Yes
Edward R. Seraphim Yes

The Committee must be comprised of at least three directors, two of whom must be independent and one of whom must be the CEO.


The Committee met four times during 2023, with 96% attendance at the meetings. At each Committee meeting the independent directors held sessions without management present.