Saturday, November 14 th, 2015

The new Cat® 330F hydraulic excavator—with a maximum operating weight of 29 753 kg and powered by a 178-kW Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine meeting EU Stage IV emission standards—combines field-proven reliability, productivity and low operating costs for maximum customer value. The 330F’s powerful hydraulic system provides exacting control for handling a selection of Cat buckets and work tools, and heavy-duty structures throughout ensure long-term durability in the most severe applications. A quiet, well-appointed cab promotes operator productivity and safety, while most routine maintenance is handled quickly from ground level.


The 330F’s C7.1 ACERT engine is extremely fuel efficient by design, and the machine’s automatic engine-speed control furthers that efficiency by lowering speed when work does not require full power. The automatic engine-idle shutdown system stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval to save fuel, and two power modes (standard and eco) allow tuning the machine to the application. The net results are reductions in fuel use, exhaust emissions, engine wear, sound levels and maintenance/repair costs.

The side-by-side cooling system with a variable-speed fan allows the 330F to work in temperature extremes, and the cooling system is separated from the engine compartment to minimize heat and noise. The design also allows the cores to be easily cleaned.

With a main-system hydraulic flow of 494 L/min and a standard relief pressure of 35 000 kPa (38 000 kPa for heavy lift), the 330F has ample hydraulic horsepower for challenging digging and lifting applications. Fluid-regeneration systems for the boom and stick circuits recycle fluid between ends of the cylinders, lessening the load on the main pumps, saving fuel, enhancing hydraulic response, and reducing system heat. Available auxiliary-hydraulic systems allow powered work tools and couplers to operate efficiently. The main hydraulic valve is designed to respond precisely to operator input, ensuring optimum control, and the heavy-lift circuit boosts system pressure, while reducing engine speed and pump flow, for added lifting power.

Safe, Quiet Cab

The ROPS-certified cab uses special viscous mounts, special roof lining and effective seals to limit vibration and in-cab sound. Wide seats, with air suspension and heating/cooling options, are designed with a reclining back, upper and lower slide adjustments and height/tilt-angle adjustments. The 330F’s climate-control system is fully automatic, and power-supply sockets are available for charging electronic devices. The right and left joystick consoles can be adjusted for individual comfort, and the right control features a button to quickly reduce/resume engine speed as the working situation requires.

The new LCD monitor is easy to navigate, clearly displays critical operating information, can store settings for 10 different work tools, and is programmable in 44 languages. Ample glass areas, halogen lighting (or optional high intensity discharge lighting) and the standard rearview camera combine to enhance overall visibility for the operator.

Heavy-duty structures

The 330F’s upper frame, with special mountings to support the heavy-duty cab, is reinforced in key areas subject to working forces. The undercarriages, long (L) and long/narrow (LN), feature high-tensile-strength steel in track shoes, links, rollers, idlers and sprockets to promote long life. Grease-lubricated track chains protect against water, dirt and debris, while extending undercarriage life and reducing travel noise. Optional guides help maintain track alignment.

The reach boom and stick, box-section fabrications that use internal baffle plates, are stress-relieved for added durability, and inspected ultrasonically to ensure quality. The 6.15-m boom and 3.2-m and 2.65-m sticks provide all-around versatility for general excavation work, and all front linkage pins have thick chrome plating for wear resistance.


Most routine maintenance points on the 330F, such as fluid taps and grease points, can be reached conveniently from ground level. The wide rear-compartments service doors prevent debris entry and latch in place during servicing. Ample clearance between coolers allow easy debris removal, and a fuel-tank drain cock allows removal of water and sediment during maintenance. An integrated fuel-level indicator reduces the possibility of overfilling the tank.

Cat LINK technologies, such as the Product Link™ advanced telemetrics system, are deeply integrated into the 330F and provides a constant stream of wireless information, including location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes. Product Link data are accessed via the online VisionLink® interface and are vital for providing information needed to make timely, fact-based decisions that improve job-site efficiency, increase productivity and lower costs.

Cat Grade Technologies combine digital design data and in-cab guidance to help operators reach target grades quickly and accurately, with minimal staking and checking, resulting in fewer passes, reduced fuel use and lower costs. The factory integrated Cat Grade Control system delivers 2D bucket-tip-elevation guidance, indicating cut and fill requirements, and built-in alerts warn if the linkage or bucket approaches pre-defined elevations or depths.

The system is easily upgraded to the dealer-installed AccuGrade™ system when 3D control is required, providing guidance for making complex cuts and contours. Plug-and-play capability simplifies upgrading, and the owner can choose from satellite (GNSS) control for large projects with complex designs or total station (UTS) systems in areas with limited reception.