National road planing specialist, DP Cold Planing Limited, is the first business in the UK to take delivery of a number of new Cat® PM620 Cold Planers from Finning UK & Ireland. The new units, launched in 2017, will be immediately put into action for the family run business, which is now one of the largest road planing companies in the UK.


Commenting on the deal, Anthony Prescott, Managing Director for DP Cold Planing Limited, said: “Ever since the business was launched in 1985, we have continued to invest in our people and the most up to date technology and equipment. When we were asked to trial the new PM620, our planing machine operators happily obliged and extensively put the machine through its paces.

“They found the unit to be a very reactive, manoeuvrable and highly productive machine, well suited to the nature of our operations, which vary from rapid high volume, full-depth extraction of carriageway constructions in a single pass, to level critical profile planing. They were impressed with the PM620’s capabilities.

“The reason why we opted for a bulk purchase of Cat PM620s, was to have a consistency of approach throughout our teams using the machine. This was further supported by Finning UK & Ireland and Caterpillar through the provision of the in-depth operator and fitter training, provided at its specialist facility in Minerbio, Italy. We are now looking forward to benefitting from the optimum performance of these units and the support package provided by Finning UK & Ireland, that will enable us to maximise each machines capabilities.”

The PM620 benefits from advanced steering for exceptional manoeuvrability, allowing for maximum production and precision, even in tight spaces. It also comes with the Cat Grade Control system, which is integrated within the machine, providing the ultimate in precision and control.

Commenting on the deal, Phil Battle, Finning UK & Ireland Paving Business Manager said: “With the PM620, Caterpillar has delivered a highly capable machine, which has already seen DP Cold Planing, an industry leader, switch it’s large planing machines to Cat Cold Planers. This is just the start of the journey with more size classes to be introduced in 2018 and beyond, giving our customers a full product line-up, that they can use to ultimately save their clients time and money.”