New Cat G3516H Gas Engine Reduces Maintenance Costs by up to 20%

Designed to deliver the lowest owning and operating costs in its class, the G3516H is available for operation on natural gas fuel, with a power output of 2027 kWe at 50Hz.

The G3516H has been developed in response to customer demand for improved return on investment, and can be used in industrial and commercial facilities such as hospitals, data centres and manufacturing plants.

Increased electrical efficiencies are achieved with a new long-stroke engine design featuring high compression ratio steel pistons, and a high efficiency turbocharger and electrical generator. For applications isolated from a primary electric utility, the G3516H offers industry-leading load acceptance capability.

Keith Stocker, Market Sector Manager - Gas and Power Solutions for Finning Power Systems said: "Genset reliability is paramount for our customers to ensure productivity is maintained, but so too is the need for lower cost of ownership. The G3516H meets this requirement with electrical efficiencies up to 44.7% (ISO, 1.0pf). In addition, the unit offers reduced oil consumption, whilst its cuffed cylinder liners, updated valve stem sealing and increased valve train lubrication help to lower maintenance costs by up to 20%."

The G3516H features easy integration with a customer’s building management system, using non-proprietary communication infrastructure from Caterpillar’s new EMCP 4.3 genset controller. 

Keith Stocker concludes: "This latest addition to our gas engine portfolio will enable us to develop a wider range of services for customers across the UK and Ireland. What’s more, customers operating these engines will also benefit from our product support capability.

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