M Series Wheel Loader introduced

Tuesday, November 03 rd, 2015

With the first of the new highly fuel efficient M Series wheel loaders arriving in the UK in June 2014, just in time for an exclusive showing at Hillhead, Finning product specialist Gary Lambert gives us an overview of the key features in the range.

“Medium wheel loaders have always been the workhorse of the quarry and mining sectors, putting in lots of hours in all sorts of conditions. So the first thing customers focus on when purchasing these machines is running costs. Caterpillar machines have always performed well in this category, but I have to be honest, when I saw the fuel performance stats of the new M Series, 966M, 972M, 980M and 982M, I was staggered.

The statistics speak for themselves, particularly for the new 972M XE and updated 966M XE high performance models. The 966M XE alone delivers 25% more fuel efficiency than the new 966M models, showing just how important it is to analyse workload for high productivity units, when it comes to wheel loader selection. Even for the new standard models, customers will be saving 10% or more on fuel compared to the previous K Series.

Fundamentally, the difference between a standard and XE model is the advanced powertrain with a constantly variable transmission CVT. Compared to machines with traditional transmissions; the XE system operates at lower RPM and simplifies operation. The transmission is always in the right gear for whatever the application requires, which provides high performance and fuel savings at all load factors.

Weighing Technology Built-In

Another improvement that will help operators and plant managers alike is the introduction of a built-in payload control system that weighs the bucket. This system displays the load information on the in-cab screen and also reports tonnage against fuel consumption, via vision link, delivering valuable information to the customer.

With all of these advancements, better operator comfort and enhanced safety, the M Series really does offer a lot more for a lot less fuel.