Sector Tailored Small Wheel Loaders


In issue 3 of Finning News in 2014, we reported on the launch of the new M Series medium wheel loaders. This year this range was joined by sector tailored small M Series wheel loaders, complete with increased engine power, higher tip loads and new power modes to enhance fuel efficiency.

Whilst at the launch, Finning News had the opportunity to speak to Caterpillar product specialist, Joel Grimes, regarding the Cat 926M, Cat 930M and Cat 938M Wheel Loader units.

Joel “Caterpillar is renowned for its wheel loader range and the new M Series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of three core customer groups. These include those working in waste, aggregates and agriculture all of which handle different materials in varied applications. For example, with our waste units we have added in extra protection, whilst our agriculture model has been configured differently with the addition of sector specific tyres and attachments.

“The biggest technological innovation across all three models of the M Series is the engine, which operates at 30% less RPM than any other machine on the market. This results in a 25% reduction in fuel burn, less wear and tear on the engine and brings the noise pollution levels down dramatically. In addition, we have developed different power modes to support the operator with the various tasks required onsite, increasing the versatility of the range.

“We have also recognised that a lot of small wheel loader operators tend to work long hours, so simple features like under-hood lighting have been added to support those that have early starts. The in-cab display also provides useful maintenance reminders, so that end users and plant managers can pro-actively schedule downtime.”