Housing Building

House building projects can differ from one to the next, which is why we have a range of machines, attachments and technologies to suit your needs. 

Whether you're digging footings, forming foundations or inputting roofs and paving roads, we've got a Cat® machine suitable for your application.

Our extensive product range of building and construction products starts with a Cat 300.9, weighing less than 1 ton, right through to some of our largest Cat Excavators. We also have compact and high capacity, high reach telehandlers, and a selection of machines for paving and other ground surface applications.

To assist you with site preparation, Cat Dozers come with integrated Grade Control technology, and Cat Excavators include Grade Control and Cat Production Measurement (CPM).

Demand for Medium-Sized Excavators

Ruttle Group has seen an increase in demand for medium sized excavators, particularly in the booming house building market, leading to this recent investment.

With the Cat 312E being an ideal solution for jobs within confined areas, the new machines will lend themselves to Ruttle’s housing construction specialisms, and also cater to wider applications due to the machine’s core versatility and tooling options.


Cat 313F L GC

The Cat 313F L GC Excavator is a dependable machine that provides maximum peformance at a low cost per hour. Perfect for your bottom line. 


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