New - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get started?

Simply register by clicking the top left link on the homepage. Complete the form adding in your business details and Finning account number if you have one. Don’t have a Finning account number? Simply leave blank and we will be in touch to get you started.

What are the benefits of ordering online with

-        It’s safe and convenient – Order Genuine Cat parts whenever and wherever you are on your desktop, tablet or mobile

-        You can plan and save – Get information at a touch of a button to help manage your day to day tasks, and streamline your procurement processes.

-        We are at your service – We are here to support you with a dedicated team ready to help with any questions or help you need as an online customer.

-        The website is built for you - View your personalised machine data and account information and tailor the website to your individual needs

I have my login details but what next?
We have created “ in Five Minutes” [download here] which is a step by step guide to using We hope that the website is easy to pick up and use, but if you are having any issues at all you can contact us for the support you need. Call us on 0330 123 9211 or email and we can help. We can take you through the website, and even place your first order with you.

I am having trouble logging in..
If you are an existing PartStore customer you can use your existing PartStore login details to login to There is no need to register again.

In working with our customers that are taking their first steps on to the website, we have come across a number of issues that may be solved by some simple troubleshooting.

Are you sure of your Userid
If you aren’t sure, your Userid will be in your welcome email we will have sent you. If you are moving from PartStore to you may have forgotten it. No problem. Simply call us on 0330 123 9211 or email and we will help you get started.

Do you have the correct password?
You can reset your password on All you need to do is click on Login/ Register in the top right hand corner and then click on the reset password link. Having problems? Call us on 0330 123 9211 or email and we can help.

Clear your Cookies
Dependent on which browser you are using cookies that have been previously stored may be affecting your experience. We have found particularly with SIS access that clearing your cookies may help if you cannot see the link you are expecting. Clearing your cookies depend on what browser you are using but the option will usually be found in the Tools, or Options area of the browser. Having problems? Call us on 0330 123 9211 or email and we can help.

Are you sure you have a Finning Account?
If you are new to Finning as a customer you will have to have your credit account application verified and set up before you can access Once this has been done we will contact you and get you started. Having problems? Call us on 0330 123 9211 or email and we can help.

Can I have multiple users sign in to my account?
You must have your own Userid and login. Only one person can be signed in at a time. from a security perspective this is also advised. Some of the functions on will also not work if you share login details with colleagues. You can have as many individual userids set up against your finning account number as you need.

Is SIS still available to me?
Yes. If you are a SIS subscriber you can use SIS in You can find this in the top menu on the website. If you are having problems seeing the link to SIS, you may want to clear your cookies. In working with customers with SIS access that have previously used PartStore, we have found that clearing their cookies will often mean that the link appears where it previously hasn’t been visible.

I need your help with this who do I contact?
Call Us:  0330 123 9211