Cat® General Duty Undercarriage


Cat General Duty Undercarriage is a reliable and convenient range designed and manufactured by Cat, tailored to your operation’s needs to deliver the lowest operating costs without compromising on the quality you'd expect from Caterpillar - going head-to-head with so-called premium models. Beyond meeting industry standards, Caterpillar is dedicated to giving you the best products. This is why our engineers lean on 100+ years of heritage and investment in research and development so that we never stop working to offer a broad range of solutions that best fits your needs.

+ Designed with Cat quality
+ Low owning and operating costs
+ Suitable for a wide range of applications
+ Expert Finning support

Low owning and operating costs

Low owning and operating costs

Tailored to your operation's needs, Cat General Duty Undercarriage options are designed to help you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs while maximising equipment uptime, without compromising on the quality you'd expect from Caterpillar.

Reliable and flexible

Our Cat certified engineers are dedicated to giving you the best products, leaning on Caterpillar's trusted heritage and the experience of customers like you, so that our General Duty undercarriages can operate in various conditions - making it the perfect match for you and your work. General Duty undercarriages are also 100% interchangeable with Heavy Duty undercarriages.

Reliable and flexible

Expert finning service and solutions

Gain access to our expert service, our extended parts availability as well as additional support options such as our undercarriage assistance program to ensure productivity and peace of mind. Get in touch to find out more about how you can save money through our Customer Track Service and Undercarriage repair options.

General duty undercarriage repair options

Because undercarriage can represent up to 50% of your dozer or excavator's operating costs, it's important to maintain it properly and, when the time comes, choose the appropriate repair and components. We can help you with bushing turns, component and shoe replacements - whatever it takes to get the longest life and best return on your undercarriage investment.

General duty undercarriage repair options

General duty ground engaging tools

Cat General Duty range GET options provide higher quality at a lower price. They are affordable, reliable and adaptable to get the job done. Caterpillar General Duty range bucket tips are designed for optimum productivity and are ideal for you if you're looking for a lower price solution without compromising on quality. Find out how General Duty Ground Engaging Tools can best fit your operation needs.


The General Duty range offers a broad range of solutions engineered to exacting specifications based on the experiences of customers like you. Find out more about how Caterpillar's General Duty range is suitable and flexible for many working environments today.