Monitor Fatigue & Distraction

Ensure Your People Are Alert and Focused

With so many technologies available to monitor equipment and project progress onsite, it’s important to recognise that people are the most important assets you have. Knowing how their own performance can be altered, particularly when they are fatigued or distracted, is extremely important, as it can lead to errors, rework, and potentially impact the safety of others onsite.

To combat fatigue and distraction we offer two solutions:

Cat Smartbands Safety Wearables

Cat Smartbands

Wearable technology is changing the way businesses can protect and support staff on the jobsite. Thanks to a partnership between Caterpillar and Fatigue Science, the new Cat Smartband watch, has been created to help customers understand the connection between operator sleep, fatigue and accident risk on and off the job site.

Cat Driver Safety System

Cat Driver Safety System (DSS)

Tired eyes are a key indicator of fatigue and if you’re distracted, it is your eyes that move. This is why the a non-intrusive, in-cab fatigue detection technology, used in the Caterpillar Driver Safety System (DSS), has been designed to monitor eye movement, eye-closure duration and head pose. Once installed by our experts, this technology can deliver instant alerts, through configurable in-vehicle seat vibration and / or audio alarm

The system also links to a monitoring center, to classify and confirm the event, with experts analysing the data and providing customised reporting, with site-level recommendations. 

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