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A power blackout is a short- or long-term loss of electrical power to an area. A blackout can wreak havoc on your business processes and may have many causes, including a fault at the power station, damage to the electrical transmission lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system, a short circuit, or an overload of the mains electricity.

A power blackout is not always predictable or preventable. Having a reliable contingency plan is vital to prevent interruptions. Energyst makes sure your business is prepared for any blackout by providing fast and flexible services during sudden power blackouts, such as:

  • Back-up generators that take over when primary power is lost.

  • Quick delivery of generators during emergencies.

  • Custom contingency plans for all kinds of organisations.

Energyst keeps your business up and running whenever there is a power blackout. We guarantee a swift response and uninterrupted power. To find out more about the impact of blackouts and the solutions we provide, contact us


To prevent interruptions in your business process you will need a solid contingency plan to protect yourself against a possible power outage.

Businesses that serve public interests and/or needs, such as hospitals, data centres and airports, are committed to functioning 24/7. Energyst offers a variety of options to hire power generators that will protect areas from possible blackouts.

Unscheduled power disruptions have many causes – from damage to transmission lines, faults at power stations, substations or other parts of the network, to short circuits and overloads of the mains supply. As soon as a power failure or an excessive peak in demand is detected, one or more of our back-up generators will take over.

Besides the best possible Cat® power rental solution for sudden failures, we also provide power for:

  • Planned power shutdowns

  • New construction and extension projects

  • Meeting seasonal changes in power demand

  • Everything from small-scale projects to major installations


If you would like to talk to us, request a rental or have a question please call us on 1890 369 469 or submit your enquiry via the Get in Touch form or via email.

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