Finance Lease

If you need equipment for a fixed period of time, Finance Lease is an ideal solution.  If you need the equipment for longer, take the option to continue the agreement after the primary period by paying a nominal payment for a secondary rental period.

You will have surety of payments as these are fixed.  Even better when you get to the end of the agreement you have the option to sell the equipment for a fair market price, you will get an agreed share of the sale proceeds.

Finance Lease Benefits

  • You can reduce your upfront costs
  • Cat Financial can tailor your rental payments to match your cash flow
  • You can spread your VAT payments, which is collected on each rental payment
  • You can offset the cost of installments against taxable profits
  • Cat Financial will sell the equipment and you will receive a high percentage of the net sale proceeds
  • You can finance both new and used equipment

Finance Lease Options

  • Payment terms to suit you – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and or annual. Cat Financial will even consider seasonal, skip, accelerated payments and balloon options
  • You can choose to retain a higher percentage of the sale proceeds when the equipment is sold
  • Cat Financial offer a finance lease for up to 60 months.  Longer terms are also considered
  • Cat Financial will extend your term for a fixed annual payment

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