Sorting And Recycling

As recycling targets increase it’s vital that the machines used in sorting and recycling are fast and manoeuvrable enough to keep up with demand, and durable enough to handle the job with a minimal downtime.

For this reason, at least 25 per cent of the small wheel loaders and standard excavators bought for sorting and recycling applications in the UK are manufactured by Caterpillar® and sold by Finning.

Our machines are adapted to the waste sector right from the moment they’re constructed. They can always be relied upon to work efficiently and safely, whether working with any sort of material, including paper, glass, tires, wood, municipal solid waste and construction waste.

In addition to standard high specification, our waste handlers can be equipped with a wide range of safety features, such as cab risers, guarding packages, various worktools and side and rear cameras.

305.5E Excavators Support Peak Waste

Peak Waste Recycling has invested in a pair of 305.5E Hydraulic Excavators to help manage their waste.

Find out why the 30 year-old business has decided to buy its every first Cat machines from us here.

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G300 Sorting Grab

The Cat® G300 GC Grapples are designed for hydraulic 10 to 19 metric ton excavators. Purpose-built to strip buildings before demolition, sort debris at source, and load or unload containers. 

Find out more about the GC-series Grapples. A modern, yet straight forward solution in terms of material and technology minimising owning and operating cost.

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Find out more about our technology solutions, including Finning Managed Solutions and Payload technology. 

Worktools & Attachments

Browse our range of attachment solutions. Each are designed, engineered and tested to ensure minimal machine stress and optimal machine performance.