Cat® Diesel Engines for Hazardous Areas

The Cat® HazPak range from Finning provides a fast, pre-engineered solution for mechanical applications with models C2.2 and C4.4 available for power generation.

Launched in addition to the bespoke ATEX solutions that we’ve offered for many years, the Cat HazPak series is available as a standard product package and can be ordered, built and delivered in a short timeframe.

Available from 27bhp to 1110bhp, with options for fixed or variable speed applications, Cat HazPak solutions are fully certified for use in atmospheres classed as Zone 2, gas group IIA and temperature class T3. The range is designed to provide complete protection from explosion, and includes features such as a water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold, and a spark arrestor, to prevent any sources of ignition. As they are pre-engineered and fully ATEX certified as standard, Cat HazPak engines can be simply attached to the equipment they are driving for ease of installation, helping you to save both time and money.

HazPak Engines

In hazardous locations, Cat HazPak engines are ready for the job. Our engine packages cover both industry standards and your operation with maximum safety.

HazPak Engines Brochure

Cat HazPak engines are designed, tested, and certified
to support the certification of your completed equipment. All products are supported in the field by specialist engineers.