Stay Cool This Summer

Finning Air Conditioning, Chilling Solutions & Dehumidification

Keeping your people and processes at optimal temperatures ensures safety and efficiency on your job site. Our Finning Cooling experts will work with you to develop a strategy that works for your specific application. We offer a full line up of cooling, chilling and dehumidification solutions and provide flexible short and long term rental options. 

Types of Cooling & Dehumidification Products:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Chillers (Liquid)
  • Dehumidification Desiccant
  • Dehumidification Refrigerant 

Available Sizes:

  • 5 Ton, 10 Ton, 30 Ton & 80 Ton
  • 50 Ton, 100 Ton & 200 Ton
    • 385 C.F.M., 4800 C.F.M. & 5000 C.F.M.
  • Portable units 120Volt

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