Hello Groundbreakers Terms and Conditions

The program only applies to new customers “Dormant Finning customers that have not purchased a NEW BCP, GCI or Paving machine in the last 5 years”. If a customer was a part of the previous Conquests, but did not buy a NEW machine or attachment, they are eligible for machine and attachment sales incentives and not for another consultation. Must have a primary business in Agriculture, General or Heavy Construction (cannot be governmental, national or corporate accounts).

No Cash Value. Cat Prepaid. Cat Prepaid Credits are not applied on an account, they function like gift cards. Cat Prepaid Credits are a separate product from Cat Card and cannot be applied towards payment on a Cat Card account. Cat Prepaid Credits are also not redeemable for cash. All Cat Prepaid Credits have an expiration date which is located on the e-certificate. Once it has expired, the account is automatically closed and cannot be reopened. Cat Prepaid Credits are electronic certificates sent from CatPrepaidCredit@cat.com, which can be used at Cat dealers (in country of issue) for parts, service, sales, rental and work tools. (No physical cards).

Offer only valid for New Machines and specific models.

Eligible Machines

Compact Track Loaders
239D/239D3, 249D/249D3, 259D/259D3, 279D/279D3, 289D/289D3, 299D/299D2/299D3, 299D XHP/299D2 XHP/299D3 XE

Multi Terrain Loaders

Skid Steer Loaders
226D/226D3, 232D/232D3, 236D/236D3, 242D/242D3, 246D/246D3, 262D/262D3, 272D/272D2/272D3, 272D XHP/272D2 XHP/272D3 XE

Mini Excavators
300.9D, 301.4C, 301.5, 301.7D/301.7 CR/301.7D CR, 301.8, 302 CR, 302.4D, 302.7D CR, 303E CR, 303.5E CR/304E2 CR, 304.5 XTC, 305E2 CR/305.5E2CR, 306, 307E2/307.5, 308E2 CR SB/308E2 CR VAB/308 CR, 309 CR, 310

Utility Compactors
CB22B, CB24B, CB32B, CB36B, CC24B, CC34B, C1.7, CB1.8

Compact Wheel Loaders
903C2, 903D, 906M/906M Ag Handler, 907M/907M Ag Handler, 908M/908M Ag Handler, 910M/910, 914M/914/914 Ag Handler/ 914 Waste Handler

Vibratory Soil Compactors
CS34, CS44B, CS54B, CS56B, CS64B, CS68B, CS74B, CS78B, CP34, CP44B, CP54B, CP56B, CP68B, CP74B

Motor Graders
12M3, 12M3AWD, 120, 120 AWD, 140, 140 AWD, 140M3, 140M3AWD, 150, 150 AWD, 160, 160 AWD, 160 M3, 160 M3 AWD

Medium Wheel Loaders
950M, 950GC, 962M, 966M, 966MXE, 972M, 972MXE, 980M, 982M

Medium Dozers

Medium Excavators
320, 320FL, 320GC, 323, 323FL, 325, 325FLCR, 326, 326FL, 330, 330 GC, 330FL, 335FLCR

Small Excavators
311FLRR, 313, 313FL, 313GC, 313FLGC, 315, 315FLCR, 316FL, 318FL

Wheeled Excavators
M314, M314F, M315F, M316F, M317F, M318F, M320F, M322F

Cold Planers
PM310, PM312, PM313, PM620, PM622, PM820, PM822, PM825

Wheeled Material Handlers
MH3022, MH3024, MH3026

Large Excavators
336, 336GC