Supporting Science Education From Classrooms To Wetlands

We believe in building communities through educated and inspired minds. Teaming up with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s elementary school program that connects kids with nature and educates them on the importance of our wetlands, is a natural fit.

The aptly named Project Webfoot, offers Grade 4 to 6 students a compelling way to learn and connect with the natural environment. The program combines in-class education with hands-on field trip experiences focusing on the ecological benefits of our wetlands and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. Finning employees volunteer on the field trips and see the interactive learning take place firsthand. “Our volunteers say it’s a wonderful experience seeing the kids’ excitement touring a wetland and we are proud to support these learning opportunities in an outdoor classroom,” says Chad Hiley, Finning Canada senior vice president human resources and Finning International chief human resources officer. 

“Education is vitally important for the conservation and restoration of Canada’s wetlands,” says Craig Bishop, Manager of Environmental Services and Education for Ducks Unlimited Canada in Alberta. “Providing a unique learning experience and engaging students at the elementary school level, where there is a keen interest in our natural world, has proven to be an effective approach. We have seen a measured improvement in changing attitudes towards preserving our wetlands in program participants.”

“Finning is proud to partner in a program that is helping to educate young minds and inspire a greater appreciation for nature,” says Chad.  Ducks Unlimited Canada’s education efforts reach over 100,000 students, educators and their families each year. Finning sponsors classes in the communities where we do business in Western Canada and in 2017 we provided programming support to communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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